Watch your school email for additional information 
regarding when you are starting with the ADOPT-A-SHELF!

THANK YOU for your help in keeping things orderly!

Attention library enthusiasts:

 The library shelves are getting rather disorderly and this is making it hard for students and staff to find the books they are looking for.  Many books are missing and are potentially mis-shelved making it impossible to find.  Maybe you’ve experienced this first hand…

 We need your help on two fronts:

1.      Please do not put books back randomly on shelves.  This makes the problem worse.

2.      If you would like to participate in a new ADOPT-a-SHELF program, now is your chance to make a big difference in the library!

 Students who adopt-a-shelf will:

·        Will organize the shelf once or twice per week (this will take approximately 5 minutes in the morning before period one begins)

·        Have your name and picture on a plaque on the shelf you adopt for the rest of the year!

 See Mrs. Bergman or Ms. Hallenberger to sign up for your very own shelf!

Jill Hallenberger,
Feb 15, 2017, 1:21 PM