8th Grade Metals-

Introduction to Welding and Machine Tool

Advanced Welding TC

Advanced Machining TC

Mosinee Manufacturing- Mosinee Manufacturing is a student operated manufacturing business, ran out of the Mosinee high school metal shop. This is an actual course available at mosinee high school. Any student who has completed the pre-requisites, Intro to Welding /Machine Tool and either Advanced Welding or Advanced Machining, or both. Then has the option to apply for Mosinee Manufacturing. Before students are enrolled they must complete a job application, resume, and go through an interview. Students are interviewed by professionals from local businesses and evaluated on their performance. Eleven students are selected to run the Mosinee Manufacturing Company for one school year. Once enrolled students will form a business plan and carry it out for that year. Students are exposed to every aspect of small business. These include: ordering raw materials, receiving, book keeping, billing, production and fabrication, finishing, and shipping. Students take orders for products, build the desired product and deliver it to the customer. I try to ensure that every aspect of this class mimics what is happening in industry today. By exposing students to this type of experience we hope to promote entrepreneurship and build connections with the local industry. 
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