Gifted and Talented Enrichment for both Reading and Math are pull-out and push-into the classrooms from grade 3rd- 8th.  The goal of GT is to allow students the opportunities to dig deeper into their learning, to ask and answer questions they have been wondering about, to work in collaborative groups and create projects that emulate real-world situations. 

Code R.E.D.  This is a new class for 7th and 8th graders to learn a new language called coding.  This is a blended classroom, requiring students to do some coursework at home and then using that knowledge for hands-on application in their next class time. We will have collaborative time, team projects and capstone final presentations. We are very excited for all our new robotic resources we have the chance to explore and discover.

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2016-2017 School Year News
Students will have another showcase this year.  Our theme is Time Travel and we will be presenting in December. More information to follow, keep checking back. 

Summer Opportunity just became available