Employment Programs

Youth Employability Skills


Youth Employability Skills class is a class offered at the high school in the Intellectual Disabilities programs.

The in-school options include:  Recycling paper products, Recycling cans/glassware, and plastic, filling the pop/juice machines in the cafeteria, filling the soda machine in the faculty lounge, collecting/sorting/cutting/counting/gluing soup labels/box tops/milk caps, completing vocational learning bins (tasks include separating colors, alphabetizing cards, assembly of a sprinkler unit), folding direction sheets for a local printer, and stuffing the Mosinee Link flyers.  

Students work on soft skills needed for any job, so that they will be successful in obtaining a job after graduation.

The students work on each of these tasks Monday through Thursday each week.  They are graded on a rubric scale.  On Fridays, they review their points with their teacher and receive “fake” money for their efforts.  Their money can be exchanged at the  “Good Worker Store.”  Students also receive a grade on their report card for this class.  

If you have any questions about our Youth Employability Skills Classes please contact:

Suzanne Brandt  (in-school jobs) 715 – 693-2550 ext. 3602


Job Internship

The out-of-school options:  When students are juniors or seniors, if they have attained an appropriate level of job skills, they have the opportunity to participate in an out-of-school placement.  These placements are at community job sites.   Two placements are one-on-one with a staff job coach.  Other placements require initial training with the job coach, and the coach fades as the student learns to work independently.  Students learn how to complete a resume, how to interview, and soft skills required for a job.  Students earn an hourly wage and a grade for this vocational experience.  Community job sites currently include Lietz’s Shell, the Piggly-Wiggly, NAPA Auto Parts, Holiday Inn, and the Central Wisconsin Airport.

Kathy Klingenberg (out of school jobs)  715-693-2550 ext. 3641



Career and Job Skills

I currently have a career exploration class set up in school where we partner with Goodwill. The students work two days a week from 9:30 am until 11:30 am. The students are paid minimum wage for their hours and Goodwill also works with them on social skills development. In my class the students complete coursework that helps reinforce their employability and communication skills. As well as math for work skills.

Justin Jablonske (Career and Job Skills) 715-693-2550 ext. 3653 

One of our students cleans at the Central Wisconsin Airport.  He works directly with CWA employees in a secure area.