To build better athletes and better people through the sport of football.

As a result of our mission and using football as the platform, young people will have the tools they need to be successful and happy, allowing them to accomplish the following:

They will become outstanding parents and spouses, taking lessons they learned through their “football family” and applying them toward their own family that they will eventually raise and educate. They will become good providers having success at whatever job, occupation or career they eventually choose. If the opportunity arises, they will be prepared to be outstanding leaders of their particular business, industry, organization, community or country. They will make good decisions when negative and destructive situations come their way, and be able to handle trying times and tragedy that they may eventually encounter. And finally, they will pass on much of what they have learned to as many people as possible, knowing that it has been said that even the average person affects as many as 10,000 people in their lifetime…and by no means will they settle for being just average.