¡Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español!   

Would you love to increase your attention and multi-tasking skills?  Interested in fostering both Spanish and English listening, reading, writing and speaking abilities?  Want to learn about other cultures and perspectives?  Ready to get a jump start on high school level learning in order to jump into Spanish 2 as a freshman? Sounds like learning Spanish is a perfect fit!

Knowing Spanish increases opportunities in our international world on both personal and professional levels.  It will make you a more interesting person and just as importantly, the skills you learn in this class will set you apart from others and lead to your increased GLOBAL employability. You will gain cultural awareness, mental flexibility and, according to studies, improve your academic achievement in your core classes as well.  Language learning offers glimpses of other cultures, promotes new ways of thinking and is just plain fun!

For these reasons and to capitalize upon brain research that shows language learning is more easily acquired by children, the Mosinee School District expanded our Spanish language offerings in 1999.  Our objective is to help students attain the national standards encompassed within the categories of Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

Please utilize this site to learn about Mosinee Middle School's Spanish program and, more importantly, to begin your journey learning español!

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Para Comunicarse Conmigo:

I may be reached at mdeleon@mosineeschools.org or 
715-693-3660, extension 2217.  

Para comunicarse conmigo hágalo por correo electrónico a mdeleon@mosineeschools.org o por teléfono al 
715-693-3660, extensión 2217.