Welcome to Mrs. Bruess' Business and Marketing Classes

Accounting DC- (633/634) Accounting is an introduction to the language of business. Students learn principles for double-entry accounting for a Service and Merchandising Business, and apply these skills in daily work and simulations. Students will use accounting principles in conjunction with technology to complete assignments in the sole proprietorship and partnership area. This course is designed for students interested in business or entrepreneurship.

Computer Applications (Formerly MS Excel/PPT) - Microsoft Office Excel/Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 uses a practical, easy-to-navigate book with activities that take on "real life" situations. In MS-Excel you will learn how spreadsheet software helps you analyze data and make business decisions, even if you aren't a math pro. MS-Powerpoint is a powerful computer software program that will enable you to create visually dynamic presentations.

Desktop Publishing DC (602)- Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 is a popular desktop publishing program used to create flyers, brochures, business cards, calendars, invitations, and more. This course uses a practical, easy-to-navigate book, as well as a fun holiday project to showcase your Publisher skills.

Discovering Your Career DC - (610) Discovering Your Career focuses on each student's needs and guides the student to pursue a career based on individual talents and passions. This course explores investigating careers via job shadowing; explains and discusses a variety of career and educational options; and emphasizes self-awareness, goal setting, decision making, reduction of prejudice, and economic responsibility. Students will also develop Career Academy Program (CAP) portfolios. A completed résumé, letter of recommendation, and other essential information will be produced and included in their portfolio during this course.

Game Design and Development -Students will study games and game design and create your own games. Study game theory, problem solving techniques, and best design practices. Topics also include games in the modern world, and the emerging trend toward games in social networking, marketing, economics, and system modeling. Units of Study: Game design, games and society, game theory, systems analysis, emergent behavior, scripting, artificial intelligence, logic.

Marketing (651)- Marketing is the process of developing, promoting, and distributing products and services in order to satisfy customers' needs and wants. This class will cover basic marketing concepts including economics and competition, marketing research and planning, personal sales, and advertising. Students will develop print and broadcast advertisements, perform a research project, and perform various marketing functions in our marketing lab, "Mo-Town Market." Students will also have the opportunity to join DECA, a association of marketing students. DECA participates in several events throughout the year, including field trips exploring Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and real-life scenario competitions. Marketing is for any student who is looking to explore business and learn what customer service really means.

MS World/Keyboarding (600)- makes it easy to create a variety of professional-looking documents. In this course, you will improve your keyboarding skills as well as your ability to produce word processing documents for personal use, school, or the world of work.

Personal Finance (620) -Personal Finance will provide students with lifetime financial skills. It will provide students with a working knowledge of checking, savings, investing, student loans, and other management skills. This class will offer "real-life" learning. This means that students will be able to directly apply the skills and concepts to their own lives. Personal Finance is a critical step to obtaining financial security later in life. For this reason, this course is forward thinking requiring students to project themselves into the future. The question is where do you want to be financially, and how will you get there.

Tutoring (853)- Tutors are trained in helping skills such as listening, responding, giving feedback, decision-making and group leadership. Subject areas include materials from Child Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Educational Psychology. Following a training program, during which skills are learned by experiencing them, the student will apply these skills by serving as tutors, big brothers/sisters, group leaders and friends. There will be a 4-5 week period at the beginning of the semester when the skills and subject matter are introduced. The tutors will then be placed in the elementary, middle or high school for 13-14 weeks where they will function as a tutor. There will be class in-services with the instructor during the semester.