I teach the following High School Social Studies classes:  Cultural Diversity, Government, Economics and World History

Cultural Diversity:  This Social Studies elective course will cover the geography, history, cultural characteristics and current economic, political, and social issues of selected world countries.  The course will examine cultural diversity in the world and increase self-awareness related to worldviews and beliefs about diversity issues.  Student based projects (International Fair) plus interviews and teaching from community members gives this class a hands-on curriculum.

Government:  This required Social Studies course will focus on our government system in the United States.  We will learn how it came to be and how it works today.  There will also be information about how our local and state governments operate.  Research on current issues and voicing your opinion helps to make you a more informed citizen.  One voice can change the world.

Economics:  This Social Studies elective course is designed to help you learn about how our economy works and your role within it.  This is a computer based and face-to-face learning course.  Students must take an active role in their learning in this format, since much of the work will be independent in nature, rather than teacher driven.  We are students of the world, examining how economics works within our lives.

World History:  This required Social Studies course is designed to improve understanding of the beginning of civilization up to the Enlightenment.  Analyzing these world events, students will understand how our global community has been shaped and predict how the global community will continue to evolve.  Aspects of geography, government, economics, and sociology will be addressed as we become world historians.

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