Welcome to MHS Art! 

(Left: Ceiling tiles inspired by Frank Stella in art room
Above: Art display case located in MHS)

Courses offered:

Introduction to Art
- Various materials and concepts are introduced/reviewed in this course. Students explore drawing, painting (acrylic and watercolor), chalk pastel, two-point perspective, clay, paper, wire, and more! This course is great for students who would like to try a variety of techniques. 

Applied Arts
- Careers in and around art are the basis of this course. Students learn about careers in Graphic Design, Industrial Design, life as a studio artist, tiling, community art, and more. Craft weighs heavily in this course that creates metal pendants, stained glass murals, woodcut prints on t-shirts, and other projects that utilize x-acto blades and paper. 

Drawing and Painting I
- Drawing and painting techniques are introduced and reviewed in this introductory course. Drawing pencils, charcoal sticks/pencils, chalk pastel, acrylic paint, watercolor, and more are explored throughout the semester. Gridding techniques to enlarge images, blending, two-point perspective, and creating images in specific art historical styles are all learned and refined. 

Drawing and Painting II - More advanced drawing and painting techniques are learned and refined in this course. Students learn about under-painting/layering,  drawing self-portraiture/contour lines, using chalk pastel to create a portrait, reflective color, still life drawing/painting, and how art historical periods can influence their own work. 

Clay I - Basic hand-building and throwing techniques are learned in this introductory course. Coil and slab techniques are utilized to create large hand-built pieces. Students will spend about half of the semester working on the potters wheel, learning how to throw and trim as well as pull handles. All functional works made by students are food safe!

Clay II - Building off of the techniques learned in Clay I, students will use the potters wheel to create additional bowls and mugs, sectional vases, and lidded jars. Hand-building will yield a teapot and self-portrait bust utilizing slab and coil techniques. 

Individualized Art
- This advanced course is for students who have completed Drawing and Painting I & II or Clay I & II, receiving a B+ or higher in the second course. Students are responsible for determining their own projects and completion dates. These project proposals are approved by Ms. Marotz and artists/relevant information are organized for each student and project proposal. (This course is repeatable.)

Questions or Concerns, please contact me at:


Fine Arts Club:
Meetings are Wednesdays from 3:25-5:30 
(Students can leave any time after 4:00pm)

Students have the opportunity to work with various materials and select what they would like to learn. Meetings are primarily work time for students to create art of their choice and receive support from Ms. Marotz. 

***The MHS participation in making bowls for Empty Bowls is run through the Fine Arts Club.***