Social Studies
According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: " The study of social studies helps young people learn about their social, cultural, and physical world and their own place in that world. It provides a context where young people can understand the structure and processes of our society and apply their knowledge and skills to make informed personal and social policy decisions and to adapt to changing social, political, and economic conditions."

The courses offered through the MHS Social Studies Department are designed to meet the goals of the DPI and to provide an enriching educational experience for all students. Below is information on the courses that I will be teaching this year. Please visit the webpages of the other Social Studies Department teachers for information on additional courses offered.

My Courses: 
  • Social Studies Survey - 0.5 credit required
    • Social Studies Survey is a required course that will be an introduction to the core areas of Social Studies: Geography, History, Government, Economics, Sociology, and Psychology. Each topic will be studied from an American and global perspective. The course will focus on the development of critical skills such as: graph and chart analysis, map reading, document based questions, research preparation, and general reading techniques.
  • Global Conflict - 0.5 credit elective
    • Global Conflict will focus on informing students of both historic and current conflicts that shape our global community. Students will gain knowledge of world cultures and develop an understanding of the historic, geographic, economic, political, cultural, and environmental relationships among world regions and peoples. It will encourage the development of international understanding, tolerance, and empathy. 
  • Psychology - 0.5 credit elective
    • Psychology is the study of mental processes and behaviors. An important objective in this course is for students to develop an appreciation of how psychology, as a scientific discipline, tries to understand people and the factors that influence how people feel, think, and behave.



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