Welcome to my site!!! My name is Steve Braasch. I am the school counselor at both Northside and Southside Elementary Schools. I hope you find this site to be a useful resource and easy to navigate. 

The elementary school years are ones of great growth in which students will develop many key life skills that will be used throughout their lives. Students begin to form their academic self- concept and gain confidence. They strengthen their decision making skills, character values, and communication skills. They continue to grow their personalities and strive for greater independence. The goal of school counseling is to assist your child in reaching their fullest potential and to help the child navigate the barriers that may, at times, block that path.

School counselors are professional educators with a mental health specialty that are trained in strategies to assist children and adults overcome life's challenges. Many students are faced with a variety of challenges including anger management, grief or loss, family changes, classroom behavior concerns, study skills, friendship skills, and many others that may be alleviated through counseling. This assistance may come in the form of the individual counseling, small group counseling, linking parents to community resources, or referrals to outside agencies.

As your school counselor, I believe strongly in a team approach for assisting children in reaching their fullest potential. As a parent, I fully understand and respect your role in helping your child succeed. I strongly encourage the students to discuss their feelings, concerns, and the goals of counseling with their parents/guardians. Trust is the cornerstone of the counseling relationship. As such, school counselors strive to maintain confidentiality within legal mandates and within the ethical guidelines of the American School Counseling Association.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding the services we are able to provide please call either school or send me an email at steve.braasch@morrisonschools.org.

With great respect,

Steve Braasch, M.S.Ed., LCPC 

    “Counseling children is often like planting seeds with the hope that some day those seeds will grow.”       

                                    -Dr. Richard Henriksen