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Chrome Apps, Extensions and Add-ons


Welcome to Chrome Apps, Extensions and Add-ons bootcamp!  In this crazy cool PD we will be digging into the wonderful world of the Chrome Web Store and all of its awesomeness.  I have complied a fairly extensive list of Apps and Extensions that I want to show you and have you play with in today's session.  Today we will be looking at many different resources that will hopefully make your classroom lives easier.  The break down for today is as follows:
  • What is the difference between an App, Extension, and Add-on?
  • Where do you find these things at?
  • How do you navigate the Chrome Web Store?
  • How do you add an app and where does it go?
  • How do you add extensions and then use them?
  • Where do you manage all of these features at?  

Let's get started by reviewing what the difference is between an App, extension, and Add-on!

List of Chrome Apps:
Name of AppPriceDescriptionAge Level
Pic MonkeyFreeThis is an online photo shop like tool.Everyone
Desmos Graphing CalculatorFreeThis is a great graphing calculator for upper level math classesHigh School Math
Exit Ticket FreeCreate Exit Tickets to send to your classEveryone
3D Function PlotterFreeOnline Application for plotting real functions and integral and derivates calculationsHigh School Math
Alternative GeographyFreeLoads of information on all things Geography.
Geography/Social Studies
WeVideoFreeVideo Editor and Creator App!All
Loupe CollageFreeCreate Photo Collages with this appAll
Presentation RemoteFreeControl your powerpoints from your phone! All
MindMupFreeCreate Mind Maps and creative outlines with this app!
Tiki TokiFreeCreate interactive timelines All
BioDigital HumanFreeAwesome interactive breakdown of the human body. Great for physiology classes and health!High School
KaizenaFreePut in voice comments into Google Docs, great for special ed students!All
Online Audio CutterFreeEdit and clip audio files All
 TLDR  Free     Summarizes Articles on the web for readers     All

List of Chrome Extensions:
Name of ExtensionPriceDescriptionAge Level
shorten meFreeShortens URLs and can turn them into QR CodesAll
Adblock PlusFreeBlocks ads on webpages, fantastic resourceAll
Save as PDFFreeSaves full webpages as PDF Files, great for students without internet at home!!All
Chrome Remote DesktopFreeAllows you to acces other computers or allow other people to access you computer.All
Eye DropperFreePick colors from web pages in order to get that perfect color you need!All
Select and SpeakFreeLets you select text from almost any website and make it talkAll
Word Cloud Website PreviewFreeSummarize and share the content of websites or articles into word clouds Upper El Ed-HS
WolframAlphaFreeLarge information database this extension allows you to search right from your browserJH & HS
Webpage ScreenshotFreeTake all or part of a website and save it to your drive!All
ScreenCastify FreeAllow users to record was is on their screens and post to YouTubeAll
BarDeCoFreeQR Code reader and Encoder extension!All
Read & Write for GoogleFreeAn abosloutley awesome extension that creates a new toolbar in your Google Docs with lot of options!All
ClearlyFreeCleans up webpages by removing ads and sidebar distractionsAll
PicMonkey FreeGrabs images and puts them right into PicMonkey for EditingAll
PocketFreeSaves articles to a folder for you to view laterAll
AnnouncifyFreeReads the website to the viewerAll
 Select and Speak Free Allows the user to highlight text and have it read to them All
 TLDR  Free     Summarizes Articles on the web for readers    All

List of Google Drive Add-Ons:
Name of Add-onCategoryDescriptionDiscoverer
ChartsDocsInsert charts from Sheets data right into a documentBen
EasyBibDocsAn automatic bibliography and citation generator in Google DocsBen
KaizenaDocsAllows for verbal feedback on documents that students have createdBen
MindMeisterDocsTurn bulletted lists into a mind mapBen
Table of ContentsDocsGenerates a table of contents in the side bar of your document for navigationBen
Texthelp Study SkillsDocsAllows for document high lighting and then groups the highlights together into the documentBen
ThesaurusDocsAn imbedded thesaurus in the Google DocBen
Track ChangesDocsAllows for the owner of the document to accept edits that they approve and deny edits they do notBen
FlubarooSheetsGrade your form responses in Sheets.Adam S.
g(math)sheetsAllows the user to create math expresions and graphs in sheetsBen

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