Community Resources
Morrison High School is committed to building students' social, emotional, and academic competencies. There is a partnership between the school, parents, and community agencies in raising students. We feel that students have the right to feel safe and emotionally supported in school. As part of our efforts to increase communication and provide for the social-emotional well-being of students, we have provided the following information for community resources. 

Morrison High School is working closely with Sinnissippi Centers in Sterling to provide the Morrison Community School District with a Sinnissippi counselor who comes in every week to meet with students at the school. This is a great opportunity that makes it easier for students to see a counselor on a more consistent basis at the school. It is a billable service, similar to agencies outside of school. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please contact Ms. Churchill to get the referral process started. 

United Way: Area Resource Directory (or you may call 211 from your phone)

Georgetown University's document: What to Expect & When to Seek Help