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Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year!!

My name is Jeff Muraida, and I am very excited to start my third year here at Morris Community High School.  I teach Concert Band, Symphonic Winds, Percussion Ensemble, Marching Band, Pep Band, Piano, and Pop Rock and Bach.  I am excited to get the year started and hear the progress these students make throughout the year!  When I am not in the classroom or on the marching field, I enjoy spending time with my wife Becky and daughters, Cady, Ellie, and Marian!

2016-2017 Handbook and Calendar, and Registration

The 2016-2017 Band Handbook
Please read, print out the form in the back, and turn in to the band office.

Click above to view the online PowerPoint Presentation if you were unable to attend Band Info Night or if you need to reference the presentation.

2016-17 Band Registration Form
Due by May 16 with a $65 deposit or $65 worth of fundraising credit.  
Remaining balance due August 1

Click the link above to access our Charms Site, where you can find the band calendar, and access your student's information, including any handouts or financial information.  Your student's school ID number is the password, and the school code is morrisband.


Download, print and memorize.  

Morris Band Twitter

The Morris Band is on Twitter and Facebook- on the left is our live feed.  You can also subscribe to our updates by following @morrisband.

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2013-2014 Handbook, Trip Information, Calendar, and Registration Forms

posted Apr 16, 2013, 2:07 PM by Don Stinson   [ updated Apr 16, 2013, 2:07 PM ]

Coming soon.

The 2013-2014 Band Handbook and Calendar can be viewed/downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

2014 Spring Break Band Trip Info is available by CLICKING HERE.

Direct link to our Charms Site: www.charmsoffice.com, school code is morrisband.  

End of the Semester Update - 12/19/2012

posted Dec 19, 2012, 4:09 PM by Don Stinson

Dear Band Parent,

End of the Year Snapshot

  • Thank you to everyone involved with the December 13th Concert, including parents, family members, faculty, staff, and of course, the performers.  Additional thanks to the Baums for their support of our guest artist Omar, to Omar for performing, and to Jeanne Millsap for a great write up on this event, featured in the Morris Daily Herald.  
  • If students are taking their instrument home over the break for practice or individual holiday performances (which they are highly, highly encouraged to avoid neglecting their instruments over the next two weeks), they need to pick them up by tomorrow, as the band room will not be open over the break (and might not be open on Friday).
  • In the past, many students have asked to come in to practice the day before school restarts.  The band room will reopen on Monday, January 7th, and students may come between 7:25 and 3pm to practice if they wish.

Reminders/Updates for the Spring Semester -

  • Winter Concert has been changed from Thursday, February 21 to Tuesday, February 19 at 7pm in the MCHS Auditorium.  I apologize for this change, but this is to eliminate another conflict with the middle school concerts.  Next school year, we will more than likely be returning to the Sunday afternoon concerts, as this avoids almost all conflicts with surrounding schools and other events.
  • Due to pep band and musical season, jazz band and jazz ensemble will not meet during third term, but will resume rehearsals during fourth term in preparation for the Finale Concert.
  • The next Band Trip Fundraiser will be the Spaghetti Dinner, held at the Eagle’s Hall on Saturday, February 9, 2013.  Look for a letter to come home within the next week or so with complete information on this event.  All proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to the student’s trip account.  
  • Please refer to the updated Spring Calendar attached to this post and previous posts.
  • Have your student check the pep band calendar (attached) for our next pep band event.  Giving your student the opportunity to manage their own schedule with an activity such as the pep band is a great introduction to what they will encounter in that “real world” we often speak of.
  • Booster Meetings:
    • Due to the great work and efficiency of our Booster organization (which all band parents are invited to participate in at any point), we will be moving to a reduced meeting schedule.  As it currently stands, our Booster organization will meet on January 8 at 7pm, and April 2 at 7pm.  The February, March, and May meetings have been cancelled.

Have a GREAT and SAFE holiday - we'll see you back in 2013!


Mr. Stinson

Update 12/3/12

posted Dec 3, 2012, 9:57 AM by Don Stinson   [ updated Dec 19, 2012, 4:10 PM ]

Dear Band Parent,

Reminders for this week/weekend:

Tues/4 -  Puffin Order Pickups: 3:15pm-4:15pm, Band Room.

-Cookie Boxes go home - pick up after school.  Due back on Friday (Cookie Walk letters were mailed home to the addresses listed in our system- please see the letter at the bottom if you did not receive one).

-Band Booster Meeting: 7pm, Band Room.

Wed/5 - Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal: 7:30am (in prep for JJC Concert).
Thu/6 - Jazz Band Rehearsal: 6-6:45pm.
-Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal: 6:45-8pm.
Fri/7 - Cookie Boxes due back by 4pm to the band room.
-Jazz Ensemble - concert at Joliet Junior College Theater.  5:30pm call at MCHS.   Bus leaves at 5:45pm.  Concert at 7:30pm.  Open to the public.  
Sat/8 -  Cookie Walk, 9-11am, Band Room.  No student involvement.  

-Jazz Band @ First Pres Church - Christmas Card Concert.  6:30pm call at First pres - 7pm concert, our portion will be done by 7:10pm.

-Pep Band - all band members (Jazz members exempt).  6pm call, 7pm game start time.  Meet in band room.  

Next Week -

Please visit our online calendar for all details regarding next week.  A detailed reminder of events will be sent out in the next update.

December Concert  - 7pm (was incorrectly stated in the past as 7:30pm).

...is less than two weeks away.  Students have been instructed to make sure that they have the correct concert attire, including black slacks and a white, long sleeved button down shirt for men, and black or black and white, plain attire for women.  School appropriate, ankle length skirts if worn (remember that students are sitting on stage, elevated).  Men - black socks, black solid tie.  Black shoes for all (drillmasters may be worn).

Attendance - as with all quality music programs, our concerts are considered major events, and outside of extreme illness or death in the family, little flexibility is offered for excused absences.  All of the students have and are working very hard for this performance, and even one person missing can throw off a performance if another student is counting on that person or balance or timing.

We hope to see you all there at 7:00pm on Thursday, December 13th - everyone is really in for a treat, as this night will feature our concert band, symphonic band, percussion ensemble, and jazz band.  Additionally, due to the sponsorship of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baum, renowned frame drummer Omar al Musfi will be playing with and soloing at this concert, and offering a Middle Eastern Drumming clinic and workshop before the concert.  

Other Information
Please visit the Parent Resource and Student Resource center on the website link.  Although still under construction, it is my hope that these pages will help answer from frequently asked questions, and provide some help to students for basic musical concepts.  

Although the calendar with major events has been out for a long time, I understand that it’s not in a format that is easy to hang on the fridge/board, so I have attached an updated Spring calendar in list format.  Major events are listed in bold. Additions include some evening rehearsals for the symphonic band with some nationally recognized clinicians, and tentative festival dates.

Pep Band
I have attached a revised pep band calendar to this post/email - one game was cancelled, was some personnel that was missed the first time was added.

Accessory Orders
If you would like to order some accessories for your student (reeds, mutes, mouthpieces, etc.) in time for the holiday season, please let me know these week, as most equipment will then be delivered the following Tuesday.  

Cookie walk letter
November 6, 2012

Dear MCHS Band & Flag Parents:

On Saturday, December 8, 2012, the MCHS Band Boosters will be holding our annual Cookie Walk from 9:00 am – 11:00 am in the Band Room.  Cookie donations from band and flag families is crucial to the success of this event.  

We are asking each family to deliver 4 dozen home baked cookies to the Band Room by 7:00 pm on Friday, December 7th.  Students will receive bakery boxes on Tuesday, December 4th .  Please put your cookies in the box and label the boxes with the student's name and type of cookies.

The cookies may be of any holiday type, but please no chocolate chip or store bought cookies.  It you would also like to provide specialty items (such as fudge, breads, pies, candies, etc.) those will be greatly appreciated in addition to the 4 dozen cookies.  These specialty items have sold very well in previous years.

You will be receiving a reminder phone call one to two weeks before the Cookie Walk, because it is easy to forget things in the midst of the holiday season.

Also, if you can loan any serving platters or trays on which to display the cookies for this event, please bring them to the Band Room with your cookies, clearly labeled with your name.  Be prepared to pick these trays up at the end of the Cookie Walk.

Thank you for your support of the MCHS Band Booster program.

Sue Pletsch

Update 11/19/2012

posted Nov 16, 2012, 4:12 AM by Don Stinson

Updates for this weekend:

Sat/17 - Playoff Game - call time 2pm.  Spiritwear/casual clothing.  Mrs. Zomboracz will be in charge due to my attendance at the Illinois Music Educator's Association that day.

Updates for the week of 11/19/12:

Mon/19 - Pastry Puffin Orders are Due.

Jazz Band - 6-6:45pm.  Jazz Ensemble - 6:45-8pm (day changed due to Thanksgiving)

Tues/20 - Madrigal Brass/Recorder practice, 7am

Thur/22 - Thanksgiving Day Parade (see previous email/update for specific details).  5:15am call time, MCHS.

Sat/24 - State Finals Championship Game, University of Illinois (tentative)

Other information:

11/28 - Marching Band Picture - details to follow when received from the athletic department.

12/13 - MCHS Band Concert, Thursday Evening, 7pm.  

The band website has a new page, titled "Parent Resource Page."  Although it is a work in progress, and will be updated with more information before the holidays, it is accessible now.  If you have any other suggestions for inclusions of "Frequently Asked Questions," please let me know.



Please visit the following link to answer a very short survey regarding the 2013-2014 Marching Band:


Update 11/5/12

posted Nov 1, 2012, 9:36 AM by Don Stinson

Band Reminders for this week:

-11/1, Thursday - Pastry Puffin Order form pickup at 3:15pm.  Samples will be available.  100% of profits from this fundraisers go towards your student's individual trip account for the 2013-2014 Band Trip         to Orlando, FL.  

    Jazz Band - 6-8pm

-11/3, Saturday - Playoff Game.  Call time: 3pm.  Game start time: 4pm.  Please remind your students that black socks are an important part of the uniform.

Reminder for the week of 11/5/12:

11/6, Tuesday - Band Booster Meeting, 7pm.  Band Room.               

11/8, Thursday - Jazz band rehearsal, 6-8pm

11/11, Sunday - Veteran's Day Parade.  9:30am call time (dressed).  Depart at 9:45am, line up at 10am, parade begins at 10:30am, band leaves after parade.  

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Our school insurance form was due yesterday, and the Chicago Festival Association has stated that they will soon be giving out call times and parade numbers.  We will then hand out information based on the information given to us.

In the meantime, by the end of today, all students should have received the parade tune.  They are expected to memorize the piece in order to participate in the parade.  

Other Information

Please make sure that you have access to the posted band calendar, available clicking the "Calendar" link on our website.  Major events for the year have been planned out, and are available on this calendar.

Band Update 10/29/12

posted Oct 25, 2012, 12:33 PM by Don Stinson

Dear Band Parent,

Band Reminders for this weekend:

-10/25, Thursday - Jazz Band rehearsal from 6-8pm (for those students that have signed up for jazz band).  Only six rehearsal before the first performance at JJC on December 7 at 7:30pm.

-10/26: Smart Music assessments due for concert band and symphonic band.

-10/27: Playoff Game.  Noon call time, 1pm game start.  Full marching uniform.

Reminder for the week of 10/29/12:

All mornings: symphonic band sectionals at 7:25 am, make up days on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (students were given a schedule in class).

10/30, Tuesday - Pep Band Director applications from students

                        -Kidder Music Instrument Step Up Night: 5pm (please notify me if you are interested in your student trying out a new instrument.  Kidder Music will have intermediate and professional models in the band room for students to try out).

11/1, Thursday - Jazz band rehearsal, 6-8pm

11/2 OR 11/3 - Playoff Game (99% sure we will have one).  As with the last one, I will give you details as soon as I find them out from our football coach/AD.  

Other Information

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUx4t4W4eVY

Semi-local - from Rockford, Illinois.  Feel free to discuss in the facebook comments.

Band Update 10/22/12

posted Oct 19, 2012, 5:31 AM by Don Stinson

Dear Band Parent,

Band Reminders for the Week of 10/22/12

-All week: music out and audition times scheduled for Freshmen symphonic band audition music for 2013-2014 school year.

-10/25, Thursday - Jazz Band rehearsal from 6-8pm (for those students that have signed up for jazz band).

-10/26: Smart Music assessments due for concert band and symphonic band.

Playoff Game

We will have a playoff game on either Friday (10/26) or Saturday (10/27).  Our athletic director told us that this will be decided this weekend, so we will get this information to you upon hearing from Mr. Dergo.



CONCERT Band Audition Material Reminder

posted Oct 12, 2012, 11:02 AM by Don Stinson

 Concert band only - 

By request, your audition music has been posted online (attached to this post).  These are the same excerpts that were supplied to you as a handout in class earlier this year.

Below is the text from the sheet you were supplied:

2012 Chair Audition Memo - CONCERT BAND

Performance of the music below will determine your seating and part assignments in the concert ensembles.  Additionally, performance of the music will be assessed as a playing test, and entered in the gradebook.

Please make sure that you practice the excerpts on the back.  Chair auditions will occur in class during the week of October 15th.  Auditions will be recorded.  Procedures on audition recordings will be given out in class.  All scales are in concert pitch, so remember to transpose for your instrument.  Additionally, scales should be memorized.

You are responsible for all of the excerpts on the back - please practice them early, and focus on rhythm, pitch, tone, articulation, and intonation.

Concert Band
Woodwinds: Scales, concert Bb, F, & Eb.  Two octaves.  Excerpts on back.
Brass: Scales, concert Bb, F, & Eb.  One octave.  Excerpts on back.
Percussion: Scales, concert Bb, F, & Eb.  Two octaves.  Excerpts on back for marimba.

Band Update 10/9/12

posted Oct 9, 2012, 12:40 PM by Don Stinson

Dear Band Parent,

Updates for the week of 10/9/2012

Tues/9: MB Rehearsal, 6-8:30pm.  Band Room/Football field.  Rain or shine.  Last evening marching band rehearsal of the season.

IMEA Auditions - select students/honors band.  4:45pm call to choir room.

Sat/13 - DGS HS Marching Competition.  11am call time.  Bus leaves @ noon.  Return by approximately 6:30pm.  If the band makes finals, return time will be 10:45pm (approximate).  As of right now, due to our experience and class size, we are assuming a 6:30pm return.  Please don't take that negatively.  

This event will also be on a live webcast - if you are unable to attend this event as a spectator, or you have an out of town family member or friend that would like to watch, they can log on to the webcast, located at http://www.highschoolcube.com/event/the-10th-annual-music-bowl-marching-band-competiti-301554

Sun/14 - Pork Chop Dinner, 4-7pm, First Pres Church.  

Sign up sheets to help for this event are available in the band room for your students.  

Money is still being accepted for Pork Chop Dinner ticket sales.  

Money for the lunch orders from Corleone's are due ASAP - any money that is not turned in has to be covered out of my pocket or the school, so please turn $5 in to the box in the office clearly marked with your student's name.

Other Announcements

From Nick Garrett - drumline t shirt and hooded sweatshirt orders and money are due tomorrow.  Order forms were available to percussionists in class.  $15 per shirt, $25 per hooded sweatshirt, and add $2 for 2XL or larger.

Band recruitment tour was today - yet again, our marching band students displayed great representation of themselves and fantastic leadership skills across the entire group…and they played well!  It was great to see the look on Shabbona, Saratoga and ICS teachers' faces when they saw the smaller students they used to have all "grown up" and performing in the band.

Marengo HS performance was a success - the band earned 4th place out of 7 groups in class AA competition.  For a band very new to a full competitive season, the band has done very well so far, and we look forward to even greater successes in the future.  

Upcoming Events

Week of 10/15 - chair auditions/performance assessments in class (students have this music and should be/should have been preparing).

Wed, 10/17 - VanderCook College of Music visits MCHS, 3:30-4:30pm, band room.  Jazz band, chamber choir, and string ensemble perform.  Special guest, Tony Kidonakis, VanderCook Jazz Band director, and MCHS Alum, 1997.

Event is for all available students - if a student has a prior commitment, they should go to that prior commitment.  If not, they should be at this event.

Thurs, 10/18 - Marching Band Recognition Night, 7pm, MCHS Cafeteria.  Family members are invited and encouraged to attend this event.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.



Band Update 10/1/2012

posted Sep 28, 2012, 5:30 AM by Don Stinson   [ updated Sep 28, 2012, 5:33 AM ]

Dear Band Parent,

Band Reminders for this Weekend:

Sun/30 - Cornfest Parade, ALL BAND MEMBERS.  2:15pm call time.  Full marching uniform.  Bussed to the parade, walk back to the high school.

Updates for the week of 10/1/2012

Mon/1: MB Rehearsal, 6-8:30pm.  Band Room/Football field.
Tues/2: Band Booster meeting, 7pm.  Band Room.
Fri/5: PC Dinner Tickets Due
    MB Rehearsal, 3:15-4:15pm.  Football field.
    Home FB Game, 6:45pm call.  Band room.
Sun/7: Marengo Settler's Day Marching Show.
    A memo was distributed to all students on September 26.  If you did not receive this memo,  please talk to your student.
    Call time: noon.
    Arriving back at MCHS close to midnight (two hour drive, awards ceremony at 9:45pm.  No school the next day).  
    *IMPORTANT* We are offering an early return bus for this evening which will leave Marengo at 7:30pm, and return by 9:30pm to MCHS.  If your child needs to take the early return bus, you must let me know by Tuesday, October 2.

Upcoming Events

Tues/9: Marching Band Recruitment Tour.  Leave school at 8am, and return by 1:15pm.  Performing for the Saratoga, Shabbona, and ICS student body.  Teachers have notified, and students will be responsible for making up any missed work.

    -MB Rehearsal, 6-8:30pm
    -IMEA Auditions for honors students/select students.  Leaving after school on bus with Ms. Napolitano.  Excused from Marching Band.  IMEA times will be distributed when they are supplied to me.

Lunch: students may pack a lunch, or may order lunch by visiting the band website and placing an order on the form.  Lunch is from Corleone's, and costs $5 for a half gondola, chips, and bottle of water.  

Lunch form link:  Open Lunch Order for October 9 Marching Band Recruitment Tour 

Sat/13: Downers Grove South HS Marching Competition.
    Call time: 11am
    Performance time: 3:15pm
    Leave Downers Grove by 5:30pm if not called back for finals. 
    Arrive at MCHS at approximately 6:30pm.

Sun/14: Pork Chop Dinner, 4-7pm.  First Pres Church.

SmartMusic - we are still missing some logins - students have been notified in class if they are not registered for our system.  Assignments are live for both concert and symphonic band (percussion ensemble is tested almost daily in class, so no SmartMusic…yet).  First SmartMusic assignments are due by October 26th.

Students may come in before or after school, during their lunch, or during a study hall to use the SmartMusic program



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