Student Leadership Application Link
To apply for any or all of the positions listed below, go to   

Student Leadership Position Descriptions, Requirements and Hiring Timelines
Each position has its own requirements and hiring timelines.  Please review each position description below for more information. 

Orientation Group Leader    (Will help with All Student Orientation)

International Student Orientation Leader     (Will help with International Student Orientation)

Recommendation Forms 
Student Leadership Recommendation Form 
If you are applying for any of the positions listed above, you need to have a reference fill out a recommendation form. This recommendation form can be filled out online.  Please have your reference go to
 Please note that this reference can not come from another student.  The reference form must be submitted by the earliest application deadline listed for the position or positions you are applying for.  

Community Advisor Recommendation Form
If you are applying to be a Community Advisor, you need to have a reference fill out the above reference form as well as this additional CA reference form located at  This form can be filled out by another student and must be filled out by Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 4pm.  

So if you are applying to be a Community Advisor you must have 2 references from 2 different people.  Thank you.