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Storyline International Research Resources

The Storyline method of teaching and learning is used in schools, universities, and communities around the world. In Storyline, curriculum is structured through story format; teachers choose settings appropriate for the curriculum and students develop characters to inhabit those settings. Through the interactions of the characters and the setting, plot develops. Students find that they need information to help their characters solve problems that arise within the plot. Teachers have used Storyline since the mid-1960s to integrate curriculum, differentiate student work, develop student ownership of the curriculum, and deepen students' sense of community. 

This site was developed in response to a growing desire to have one source which could direct researchers, grant writers, teachers, and others to resources on Storyline research and practice. Resources are from authors in many countries, and items in languages other than English are included. Most resources are linked, but a few resources have been provided in full by the copyright owners. Please continue to check back with us as we expect the site to continue to develop.

The first stop for those unfamiliar with this method of teaching and learning should be Storyline International, which provides background information on the Storyline strategy, news from Storyline practitioners around the world, and links to Storyline websites in many different languages. These sites also provide information on conferences. 

If you have questions or additional resources you think we should know about, please contact us.

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