"Dringliche Angelegenheit Nr. 7" by Tom Baecker

Marynel Ryan Van Zee

University of Minnesota, Morris

Associate Professor of History

116 Camden Hall

(320) 589-6181



I am a historian of modern Europe (that is, Europe since ca. 1750), with subspecialties in the history of Germany, European women's history, and the history of the social sciences. My current research is focused on German economic thought of the 19th and 20th centuries, and the persistence of ideas from the German past in the way that the economy, state, and household are perceived today. I have been a faculty member at the University of Minnesota, Morris, since 2005.

I teach courses on the history of Europe more broadly as well as on the national histories of Germany, France, and Britain. More specialized courses include Women, Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe, the History of the Household, and Nazi Germany.  I have also taught study abroad courses in Scotland and Berlin and I am planning a course in Amsterdam.

I am affiliated with the Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies discipline, which I currently coordinate, and the German Studies discipline.  I am also UMM's Campus Coordinator for National, International, and All-University Scholarships and Fellowships, through the Academic Center for Enrichment.

Links for Study in Modern History:

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The Internet Modern History Sourcebook

WWW Virtual Library of Women's History

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