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The University of Minnesota, Morris has been awarded a $1.2 million grant from Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).  This is a four-year grant, starting in Fall 2012, that encourages success in science of students from all backgrounds. HHMI selected 47 small undergraduate universities and colleges in the United States as the recipients of grants totaling more than $50 million for its science education initiative.

The goal of this grant is to strengthen Morris’ preparation of undergraduates for careers in science, increase the number of undergraduates continuing their education into graduate programs and develop and improve on effective mentoring strategies.

To achieve these goals, the University will implement five strategic initiatives that encompass K-12 teacher assistance, mentoring, research, community outreach, and aid for career development and further educational opportunities.

The five strategic initiatives are:

Undergraduate Summer Research Program, will giving more students extended research opportunities during their undergraduate years, to better prepare them for careers in science and graduate work.

Bridge to Biology is a summer program for incoming University of Minnesota Morris biology students program that teaches research principles and connects new students with upper-level students and faculty.

Careers in Biology will allow educate students about their post-graduation options. This will mainly be done through a resource room and a seminar series dedicated to opportunities in biology.

Café Scientifique is a community outreach program in which local researchers and students will discuss their research with community members in a non-academic setting.

Changes in Nature is an in-service workshop for K-12 teachers that will provide, teach, and assist in development of curricula to address underrepresented issues in science classrooms.

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