I have been teaching since 1992.  Some of you might even have had me as a teacher.  Yikes!  That just shows that we all are happy to be part of the Morris community.  

This year my schedule is as follows:

1st Hour-Psychology through SMSU
2nd Hour-Prep Hour
3rd Hour-American History
4th Hour-Civics
5th Hour-Holocaust through UMM
6th Hour-American History
7th Hour-American History


Students get an update each time there is a new assignment or communication on Google Classroom for their specific class.  So, that means that the students have either received or will receive the assignment that they are looking for due to their absence.

Typically, I attach all necessary materials to the assignment posting.

Thank you!

Ms. Rink


If you have been gone and would like to collect your homework, you should check with Google Classroom.  Assignments are posted there.  If you have questions concerning some aspect of the class or clarification on an assignment, please feel free to contact me.  You may contact me through email or telephone.  If you leave a message, I will call you back as soon as I can.

Have a great day!