Welcome to 8th and 10th grade Social Studies.  I am Sharon Rae Martin and I was born and raised in our fair city of Morris.  I LOVE this town and school! 

I have a great desire to travel and learn about different cultures. The picture above was taken in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is in the United Kingdom. It was one of my favorite cities to visit in the summer of 2016 on a trip that took me to Scotland, Ireland and Iceland.   It was an amazing trip!

I truly hope that I am able to foster in my classroom a respect for our world and the many diverse people who inhabit it!

Please contact me via my email which is smartin@morris.k12.mn.us In all honesty, that is the quickest method by which I will get a message from you.  Please feel free to email with a message to call you, which I will do when possible. 
Have a super day!  

My channel consists of material that we have viewed in class. When it is available on You Tube. 

Ms. Martin's Schedule:

8:23 - 9:14:  8 Geo  (1st hour)

9:18 - 10:08:  8 Geo  (2nd hour)

10:21 - 11:11:  8 Geo (3rd hour)

11:11 - 1141:  Lunch (for grades 7 & 8 and me!)

11:45 - 12:35: Prep (4th hour for grades 7 & 8)

12:39 - 1:29:  World History and Geography WHG (5th hour)

1:33 - 2:23:  
World History and Geography WHG (6th hour)
                     2:27 - 3:18: World History and Geography WHG (5th hour)                        

***After School appointments should 
be made ahead of time.