Students that do fail, most(if not all) fail because they are not 
properly prepared or they are not motivated.

Please note the following:
A)Students can ask for help pretty much anytime.
B) If I am not in my room they need to go to the office and ask the office to
send me to my room, since I may be at a meeting.
Mission For The Class
Grow in social skills, respect, responsibility, and knowledge of the subject 
as well as related topics outside of the classroom.(Become a model adult.)

Daily Schedule
Physical Science Hours 2&7
Prep Hour 3((10:21-11:11)
Junior High Lunch Hour 4
Chemistry Hours 1 & 5
College Biology Hour 6

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About The Teacher

First hour is my prep hour, so this is the best time to contact me.
My classroom phone number is 585-2102 and my email is tcannon@morris.k12.mn.us.

I am also convinced that all students will get a C or better in my class and 
most classes if they do the following five things:
1. Show up everyday ready to work. 2. Copy down all notes and problems. 3. Complete and turn in all assignments on time.
4. Ask for help!
5. Do extra credit when possible.
6. Practice following directions.(Both oral and written.)
7. Work in small groups as well as large groups.
*I believe that most employers would like these qualities in their employees.

Dear      Parent/Guardian                                                                                                               

Many students find science difficult, and what makes things more challenging is that many parents also find science difficult.  One thing you can do to help students succeed in my class as well as other classes is to do what you can to get them to class on time every day and do what you can to have students turn all assignments in on time.  If they do miss school, encourage them to make things up right away.  The longer the student waits to make things up, the worse they tend to do on the assignment and the more overwhelmed they feel.  I will do what I can to help.  I have helped students before school, after school, in the evening, over vacations, during second breakfast, at lunch, and even during other class time.  If these times work, I will help the students gain a better understanding of the material and/or get caught up.  This year I am planning on having recordings of how to do the problems, so students can go back and review the concept if they are having difficulties.   

Another strategy you can use to help students succeed is to go over the worksheets with the students prior to the test.  We generally correct the worksheets the day before the test, and the correct answers should be on the worksheet.  Also, the main idea of each essay question is usually online under test preview so students can practice saying or writing the answers.  If the students cannot give the answers, they should review the information more, do more practice problems which are also online, or come in for extra help.  These strategies as well as others discussed in the classroom will help the students be successful in this class and other classes.  If you have questions, please stop by the school and talk or email me at tcannon@morris.k12.mn.us or call my home phone at 589-1740 or school 320-585-2102.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.



Mr. Cannon


Information for students to print from the Chromebook.You are only allowed 15 pages a day and must click on this link in order to access the printer(s).

West Lab

Contact Info

 Mr. Cannon    
Email  tcannon@morris.k12.mn.us
Class Ph#: 320-589-4400 EXT 2102

Prep Hour-5 (12:39-1:29)
Science Quotes:
Albert Einstein's famous line: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." 

Marty Stouffer on Wild America said: "We have the power to destroy, but do we have the wisdom to preserve?"