Early Childhood Programs

Morris Area Early Childhood Programs:
Our Mission:
  • To provide an environment that nurtures and embraces all children and parents so they can reach their full potential.
GOALS for Our Early Childhood Programs:
  • To support children’s optimal physical, intellectual, social and emotional development during the important first years of life.
  • To promote informed, realistic attitudes and expectations about raising children.
  • To offer child development information and a variety of parenting techniques.
  • To support parents in their efforts in raising children.

  • To help create effective communication in families.

  • To provide information on resources available in the community.
How Do We Meet These Goals:
  • Parent/Child Classes
  • Pre-Kindergarten/School Readiness: 3 and 4 year old Classes, 4 and 5 year old Classes and Bilingual Classes
  • ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) Inclusion Program
  • Minnesota Reading Corps Site
  • Explore S'more Classes
  • Special Events and Family Nights
  • Child Care Provider Classes and Home Visits.



Diane Strobel

Early Childhood Program Coordinator/Parent Educator

Reading Corps Trained

Ashley Bennett
Early Childhood Teacher
Reading Corps Trained
Kristin Grove
Early Childhood Teacher
Professional Reading Corps Member

Stacy Fehr

Early Childhood Teacher

Citlalli Ibanez

Spanish Language & Cultural Specialist

Professional Reading Corps Member

Lorie Hansen

Teacher Assistant

Reading Corps Trained

Karin Anderson

Teacher Assistant/ECSE Para-Educator

Reading Corps Trained

Marcela Coon

Teacher Assistant

Naoko Soderberg

ECSE Para-educator

Angie Fehr

Reading Corps Member

Camille Everett

Reading Corps Member

Horizon Public Health

Early Childhood Screening Services

Early Childhood Edu & Pre-K Info

Pre-K Classes for Ages 4-5
ECFE - Early Childhood Family Education

Bilingual Pre-K Classes for Ages 3-5
Pre-K Classes for Ages 3-4School Census