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A very common writing assignment or paper would be a lab report or formal lab report. This is a very prescriptive writing type with no room for creative writing whatsoever. This type of paper lays out an experiment/study that the student(s) conducted. The following sections are always included in this type of paper: abstract, introduction, experimental design & methods, results, and discussion section. Usually pronouns are avoided, but it is becoming more common to have a few in this type of paper. I refer my students here for all the details on how to write each section:

Another common type of writing is a literature review paper. This is a somewhat prescriptive writing type. Its when they review the current published scientific literature for a topic and summarize it for the scientific community. It gives us an update on where we are in the current body of knowledge regarding the topic. The format for these can vary depending on the journal to which the review is submitted and the individual instructor. Usually they are broken down into many different sections and the paper ends with final summative conclusions, etc. I model my review papers off this website for when i have students write them for me:

And maybe a last common (and common for this writing type meaning not common here but just in general for biology colleges overall) type of writing would be research project grant/proposal writing. This might be the least prescriptive writing type in science. I've attached the document I use for what I want my students to write in their proposals.  These are where a study is proposed to a funding agency (or me) for experiments they plan to conduct. Its probably the type of writing where scientists can be the most creative in their thinking, because they are laying out experiments they dreamed up that they want to conduct.

Aaron Bunker
Assistant Professor of Biology
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The majority of our papers are research papers based on a health care topic. We ask that APA style be used. Most require a considerable literature search for nursing research articles. Even the nursing care plans they do weekly  for the clinical require nursing articles to support their care decisions. Evidence based practice is is the nation-wide buzz word so everything we do in practice needs to be supported by research.

We require research papers in every semester of nursing, most are 5-10 pages long.

Mary Kovarna
Professor of Nursing

NURS 201: Concept Paper Assignment

NURS 410: Guidelines for Issues Paper
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