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Teaching writing in classes across the curriculum can be challenging. Writing is very contextual and can be time-intensive. The Morningside WAC program seeks to provide help to faculty in a number of ways that can make the process easier. We also offer events that reinforce a campus-environment that values the writing done by both students and faculty. So, what are some of those events? 

Brown Bags
Each month faculty bring their lunches to talk about the way they use writing and gather new ideas. To help encourage a wide-range of discussion and experience, faculty and students from across campus are asked to lead the discussions. Dates and speakers for upcoming brown bags can be found on the "Upcoming Events" page. A list of previous presenters and topics is available on the "Past WAC Events" page. Please join us and support the innovative and exciting techniques used by your colleagues. 

Another set of monthly events meant to
directly aid the use of writing are the workshops. These events bring faculty together to learn about and discuss focussed techniques and theories. Participants are encouraged to find ways to actively try and then incorporate techniques that support their goals, disciplinary,  and classroom needs. Each month a different aspect of classroom writing is discussed in depth ranging from designing assignments to assessing student writing. Dates and locations of upcoming workshops can be found on the "Upcoming Events" page. A list of previous topics is available on the "Past WAC Events" page. Please join us in these 
discussions regarding the use of writing. Also, snacks are provided! 

Grading Gatherings
As the grading deadlines for mid-terms and finals approach, it can be easy to feel isolated and frustrated. Grading gatherings, though, provide a space with food and company. Drop in with your papers, eat, chat, and grade. After all, we are all in this together. Times and locations for grading gatherings can be found on the "Upcoming Events" page as midterms and finals approach. 

Assignment Consultations
When writing, it is not uncommon to discover that what makes sense in one's own mind doesn't make sense in the reader's. This is also common with writing assignments. If you have a writing assignment that you have designed and want to talk about, one you haven't designed and want to talk about, or anywhere in between, you can request an individual consultation. You can also request this service if you want to incorporate more formal writing and aren't sure how, want to get students to spend more time reflecting on the assignments they have, or even if you are looking for a few quick activities that use writing to reinforce content. To schedule a consultation, call 274-5007 or email

Assessment Consultations 
While writing assessment starts with the writing assignment, it certainly doesn't end there. There are many ways to assess a single assignment or a series of assignments. Perhaps you would like to finds ways to get student participation in writing assessment. Using assessment as a means of communication and teaching can be done. You can request an individual consultation to discuss how you assess or would like assess writing (or possibly even ways you had never considered before). To schedule a consultation, call 274-5007 or email

Assignment and Assessment Examples 
To say that there are some great things happening with writing on the Morningside College campus is a major understatement. You may want to see the types of writing that are assigned across campus, or look for ideas to use in your class.  In order to provide examples of both assignment and assessment tools/techniques, the WAC program maintains a moodle page. If you have an assignment or assessment piece you would like to include email it to

Pedagogical Resources
There have been many great articles written about WAC techniques and WAC theory. To help lead you to some, you can access the WAC libguide. This resource is organized by division and class. Where possible, the guide links directly to the articles. However, all the articles are easily procured. There are currently over 500 citations and the guide is constantly growing. 

Faculty Writing Groups 
There is currently one faculty writing group that in its third academic year, but there could be more. If you would like help starting a faculty writing group for creative, disciplinary, or any other type of writing, email

Have an idea? 
Don't see what you need? Email and maybe it can happen.

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