Department Programming

Writing is used in individual classrooms, but that doesn't mean that departments don't have a stake in how it's done. Even when individual innovation is encouraged, department chairs may want to start discussions about how writing can serve students. The WAC program can help.

10-Minute Discussions
If you have ten free minutes during a department meeting, you have time for a mini-discussion. Just choose from the following list of topics and send a request to

Designing and Evaluating Writing-to-learn Techniques
This mini-discussion will quickly layout the how writing to learn works, provide a sampling of techniques from your discipline, and briefly discuss ways to easily evaluate the techniques. 

Encouraging Student Reflection
By looking briefly at your goals for the writing assignments, this mini-discussion will provide examples of ways to encourage reflections via tools such as classroom activities, journals, blogs, and portfolios. The examples will be tailored to your faculties comfort level with technology and pedagogical styles. 

Classroom-based Collaborative Writing Assessment
Writing assessment does not have to be something done to students. In fact, since strong writers have learned how to evaluate their own writing, perhaps writing assessment should be at least partially done by students. This mini-discussion will provide techniques you can use in your classes to encourage students to take part in the writing assessment process and save you time grading.  

Capstone Conversations  
Many of the capstone courses make use of writing, but how and why varies. This mini-discussion is meant  to serve as a conversation starter. Basically, it will encourage faculty to discuss the ways writing are used in and beyond their disciplinary courses to encourage meaningful thought about what goes on in the departmental capstone course. 

Disciplinary Writing Resources 
The WAC program maintains a libguide of disciplinary resources regarding WAC and the use of writing. This mini-discussion will show which resources are available along with ways to use them. 

45-Minute Workshops
If you have more than ten minutes, consider a workshop designed around the needs of your department. (Please ensure that there are a minimum of five participants.) Topics can include the following:
Writing-to-learn Techniques
Developing Assignments
Sequencing Assignments
Classroom-based Writing Assessment
Department Writing Assessment
Creative Rubric Generation and Use 
Creating WiD Courses 
Handling the Paperload
Creative Disciplinary Writing Assignments 
Research and Writing 
Grammar and Mechanics Review 

Build Your Own Workshop
Don't see what you need, but know what you need? A workshop can be designed to fit your writing needs.
Just provide a suitable topic, a time and place, and snacks. To request a workshop, email

Pedagogical Resources
The WAC program has two repositories to help your department use writing -- the libguide and WAC moodle page. Please feel free to peruse them. To add to either, email

Or Just Ask
Don't see what you need or have an idea for another service -- email