Campus Programming

Writing across the curriculum has an illustrious history. One thing that has emerged, though, is that writing thrives in environments that show they value writing. Writing skills need to be developed in more than a single class or department. The Morningside WAC program seeks to supplement an environment that increasingly values the writing of students and faculty. The following are just some of the ways the WAC program supports the entire Morningside campus. 

Brown Bags
Each month faculty gather to talk about the ways they use writing and to gather new ideas. The WAC program draws from a wide-range of discussion and experience as faculty and students from across campus are asked to lead the discussions. Dates and speakers for upcoming brown bags can be found on the "Upcoming Events" page. A list of previous presenters and topics is available on the "Past WAC Events" page. Please join us and support the innovative and exciting techniques used by your colleagues. 

The WAC program also directly aids in the use of writing through workshops. These events bring faculty together to learn about and discuss focussed techniques and theories. Participants are encouraged to find ways to actively try and then incorporate techniques that support their goals, disciplinary,  and classroom needs. Each month a different aspect of classroom writing is discussed in depth ranging from designing assignments to assessing student writing. Dates and locations of upcoming workshops can be found on the "Upcoming Events" page. A list of previous topics is available on the "Past WAC Events" page. Please join us in these discussions regarding the use of writing. 

Faculty Development Fridays
Encouraging the use of writing in the classroom needs to be a collaborative effort. Therefore, the WAC program works with the Morningside Faculty Development Committee to help create even strong classroom environments. Be it though Faculty Development Fridays or other supplementary programming, the WAC program and the Faculty Development Committee will continue their cooperative efforts. 

Grading Gatherings
These events provide a space for faculty to come together and grade. Through this type of gathering, faculty from across campus can come together to discuss what they are doing, celebrate their accomplishments, and help each other with their frustrations. Times and locations for grading gatherings can be found on the "Upcoming Events" page as midterms and finals approach. 

Pedagogical Resources
There are many great articles that have been written about WAC, but knowing where to find them can be difficult. In order to help, the WAC program has an ever growing libguide with over 500 references. We need not turn to others, though, to find strong resources; therefore, you can also look at a growing repository of writing assignments, assessment techniques, and syllabi on the WAC moodle page

These are just some of the ways the Morningside WAC program reinforces the value of writing on this campus. It is exciting to be a part of such a vibrant community.