About Morningside WAC

Part of the mission of the WAC program is to support an environment that values the many types and uses of writing. Thus, we provide several ways to fulfill the needs of the Morningside community. Specifically, the WAC program works at three separate but important levels: campus-wide, departmentally, and individually to encourage the teaching of writing as well as the act of writing.

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program at Morningside College has a long history of innovation and evolution. It started and grew between 1983 and 1988 under the care of Morningside College’s Writing Council.  With the revision of the curriculum in 2004, the first-year writing courses took a much more interdisciplinary approach as faculty from across campus began teaching Passport and Communication & Composition. Likewise, departments revised their writing plans reinvigorating the campus-wide commitment to using writing in the classroom as a means to learn and communicate.

Once again, the use and teaching of writing at Morningside College is being recognized for its importance with the creation of the Writing and Rhetoric Department, which now houses the First-year Program, Writing Center, and Writing Across the Curriculum. In this way a unified and strong pedagogical approach is emphasized from the moment students arrive to their graduation day. Similarly, students and faculty from across the campus can receive help and encouragement.

Morningside’s WAC program is continuing to grow with the current scholarship and a strong desire by faculty to help students learn to communicate in various situations using constantly evolving mediums. To support the localized needs of the students, faculty and community, we seek to balance the use of writing as a tool for teaching, learning, communicating, and thinking. We do so in the desire to help students grow personally and in their chosen field as part of Morningside College’s mission of encouraging “a passion for life-long learning and a dedication to ethical leadership and civic responsibility.”

We seek to accomplish this role through research and service.  By actively investigating the needs of the students and faculty through formal and informal research we hope to encourage the meaningful use of writing in and out of the classroom. Likewise, by acting on those findings we seek to aid and encourage the development of classroom and departmental approaches to the teaching and assessing of writing that benefit both students and teachers.