English Department at Morningside College

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Why study English at Morningside College?

  •  Lively classes

  • Articulate and energetic students

  • Faculty who are published writers

  • Strength in creative writing, literature, and English education

  • Excellent preparation for almost any profession

  • Three areas of emphasis to choose from a campus-wide commitment to writing excellence.

Majoring in English provides an excellent foundation for students who plan to go into almost any profession.  English majors read and study some of the most powerful and effective writing the world has known.  This broadens their understanding of human nature, history and culture, and their sense of the possibilities of language.  Morningside English graduates currently work in business management, corporate communication, creative writing, editing, public education, college or K-12 teaching, journalism, law, public relations, publishing, social services, theater performance, and corporate training.

Minoring in English can be an excellent way for all students to demonstrate to prospective employers that they are articulate and thoughtful writers and readers.  Exposure to the classics of American and British literature deepens their sense of the human condition and raises their expectation of themselves as writers.  Majors in business, accounting, history, political science, psychology, mass communications, religious studies, foreign languages, and the visual arts have improved their employability through minoring or double majoring in English.

English majors may choose one of three options—an emphasis on literature, writing, or English education.  The department works closely with students, advising them about their academic programs, graduate education, and professional opportunities.