How Can I Help?

If you have attended an All Pro Dad breakfast with your child(ren), then you know how awesome it is for our kids, and how special it is for us dads as well.  If you haven't attended an APD breakfast yet, I hope that you've looked around this site to get an idea of the program and what we do ... and I hope it encourages you!  I hope that each year, we can make the program better, reach more dads/father figures & kids, and grow.  In order to do that, we could really use your help.
"How can I help?", you may be asking ...

There are four areas where we could use your help:
  1. Door Prizes for the kids
    • The kids love the raffle for door prizes at the end of each meeting! 
    • If you work for, or have connections with a company who can provide promotional items to be used as prizes at the meetings, contact us to let us know.
  2. Food for Breakfast
    • If you work for or have connections with a company who is willing to sponsor one or more All Pro Dad breakfasts, contact us to let us know.
    • If you work for or have connections with a company who can provide free food products for school events like this, contact us to let us know.
  3. Donations
    • If you'd like to support the program through monetary donations, we would use those gifts for breakfast foods, door prizes, and other items necessary to support the free All Pro Dad breakfast. Any amount would be welcome: $5, $10, $20, or as much as you prefer.  NOTE:  All donations are tax deductible
    • Checks should be made out to "Morgan Elementary School". Please write "All Pro Dad" in the memo section. You can give your check to an Administrative Assistant in the school office, or provide to one of the Morgan All Pro Dad leaders.
  4. Guest Speakers
    • We'd like to include some guest speakers every now and then.  If you know anyone and/or have contacts with someone who would be a good guest speaker (moral, ethical & example our children can look up to), contact us to let us know.
If you have any questions, suggestions and/or would like to discuss other ways to support the All Pro Dad program, feel free to send us an email at!