Unit 8--Genetics and Heredity

 This page will be updated as we move through the unit.
Genetics and Heredity
[Ch. 4, Sect. 1-2 with paragraphs pulled from other sections]
1. Ch. 4, Sect. 1 and 2 Vocabulary Builder in Portfolio STUDY THIS!!
2. Ch. 4, Sect. 1 and 2 Notes in Portfolio STUDY THIS!!
3. Snowman Genetics in Portfolio 
4. Monster Genetics in Portfolio STUDY THIS!!
5. Bikini Bottom Genetics in Portfolio STUDY THIS!!
6. Study Guide in Portfolio STUDY THIS!!
7. Journal Questions from in Portfolio STUDY THIS!!
8. Genetics Centers
9. Selective breeding, Genetic engineering, and cloning Notes and articles
10.  Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction Organizer
Vocabulary Quiz 1--
Friday, Feb. 22 (30% grade) 
Vocabulary Quiz 2--
Friday, Mar. 1 (30% grade)
Due Thursday, March 7 (30% grade)
Unit Test--
Thursday, March 7 (60% grade)----Test Review a portion of class on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 5-6
Extra Help or Useful Links:

Genetics definition page--extension words included 
Extra Practice page for heredity and probability (print and do, check with Mrs. Potter for answers) 
DNA from the Beginning (Genetics explanantion)
Punnett square practice (only do the Monohybrid Cross)
Punnett square and probability practice (see Mrs. Potter for answers)
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