HelpDesk Reps

If you're a HelpDesk representative who will be fielding questions from users about using Google Apps, here are some resources to help you out.
HelpDesk Resources
Google Mail & Calendar Troubleshooting

(training slides)
Learn to:
  • Quickly resolve common issues with Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Use Google's online resources to troubleshoot issues
HelpDesk setup and training tips

(Help Center article)

 Sync Multiple Google Calendars on your iPhone or iPad 

Get tips on how to:
  • Set up your HelpDesk operations to support Google Apps
  • Train your support staff on troubleshooting Google Apps issues and submitting support tickets to Google

If anyone is having problems getting multiple Google Calendars to appear on their iPhone or iPad, this site has the directions that actually work!
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Google At Work
Google Apps Updates

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