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Panopto is an interactive multimedia tool that gives you options for creating video, study aids, and  presentations: 

  • Record a lecture or video walk-through, and add it to your Bb course or organization. 
  • Create and record a Live Broadcast that is streamed to your audience.
  • Use Panopto Unison to upload video files and stream it via a Bb course. 

What can I do with Panopto?

  • Record Lectures - Capturing your PowerPoint presentations, computer screen,  in-class presentations, video, and even Smartboard. 
  • Flip your Classroom - Panopto runs on PCs and Macs, iOS and Android devices. 
  • Student Multimedia Projects - Engage students is through multimedia projects that they record using Panopto on their laptop, or device. Assignments upload to a secure "dropbox".
  • Live Streaming - For distance learning or on-campus events, live stream video and presentations anywhere around the world.

Get Started with Panopto!

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