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Panopto Tips
 Find additional documentation & videos at the Panopto Support Web Site!   

If needed, log on to the Panopto server directly at -- Select "Sign in with Blackboard" to log in. User your Morgan user name and password.

  • You may install the recording software on your work and home computers.
  • Configure your new Bb courses every semester. This will enable students in the new/current section to see your videos recorded for the current semester or recordings from other/older Bb courses.
  • Keep lectures short focused on one or two concepts per "lecture."  Topic oriented lectures can be used over many semesters, even if the textbook changes.

Use Panopto Focus to record lectures or micro-lectures,  With Panopto you can record audio and/or video along w/ PowerPoint, Screen Capture -- all of this is then added to your Bb course. You can use the same recording in multiple courses. 

Please view this 
Introduction to Panopto document before you begin. 
Panopto & Accessibility - Learn More Here -- see instructions under "Editing" to add your own captions.

Procedure     Written Instructions Video TutorialInstructional  Pedagogy
Panopto Lecture Capture through Bb

Blackboard Panopto Instructions 

How to Record your Computer Screen

How to Record a PowerPoint

Panopto Viewer Info
Use Panopto as a tool to capture mini-lectures for your flipped classroom.

Introduction to Flipping

Flipped Classroom Resources
 Panopto Server -- Direct Access (when you are not planning to use Blackboard to link to your videos. Panopto Instructions -- Directly through Panopto Server (Please contact the Panopto Admin to request that you be set to 'creator').

Create a Drop Box for your Students' Videos
 See video link above. 
 Panopto Mobile

Panopto for Ipad

Panopto for iPhone

(Sorry, there is no Android recorder at this time).
  View or record Panopto video on your iOS device.  Information about Android apps is coming soon.
Uploading Videos NOT recorded w/ the Panopto Recorder!
Faculty Instructions for Uploading Videos to Panopto -- from Panopto Server Directly

Student Instructions for uploading a Video Directly onto the Panopto Server
 Upload a video to Panopto Use video for a springboard for discussion or case study.
Panopto LIVE Broadcasting  

Introduction to Live Broadcasts

Live broadcast from your Windows recorder

Schedule a Live Broadcast
Start a live broadcastAs of Spring 2014 -- Panopto Live Broadcase will work only with a Windows recorder.  iOS capability is coming later this year.    
 Edit your Panopto Video Edit your Panopto Video

Create Captions for your Video
 Basic Editing 
  Equipment Guide & Recording TipsPanopto Equipment Guide 

Tips: How to Create the Perfect Recording!