Yukon River Quest 2010| June 30 - July 4

   Paddling for a Purpose            HOLY-SchMOLY . . . it's over and we did it!!         Paddling for a Purpose


Father-Daughter paddling partners Kevin Morgan and Erin Fabian have been canoeing together for over twenty-five years.  Beginning with short rides around small farm ponds when Erin was a toddler,  they now aim to complete the longest annual canoe race in the world -- 460 miles in 3.5 days on the Yukon River!

Their competitive accomplishments include first place finishes in the Madhatters'/Grand River Canoe Race, Vermilion River Race, Fremont Cup, Allegheny Clarion Valley River Classic, 2009 Ohio State Championships, as well as participation in the 2009 USCA Nationals and the 2008 Great Valley Firemen's Regatta ("YaGotta Regatta!!")



The Yukon River Quest, a 460-mile wilderness adventure paddling race, is held on the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City in Canada's Yukon Territory.  Held during the last week of June, the YRQ is known as the "Race to the Midnight Sun."  Paddlers race round-the-clock, as the sky never gets dark 
during the Summer Solstice.  It is a true marathon with just two mandatory rest stops for 
a total of ten hours over the course of the entire event.

Teams must finish the YRQ within sixty hours to receive prize money, but many do the race for the personal satisfaction of staking their claim to a coveted "Finisher Pin" in historic Dawson City.  Paddlers from nine countries signed up for this past summer's event.


Motivating the Marauders through the many miles and wee-hours of the night will be their goal of raising money for the Bonnie Schindler Summer Camp Endowment Fund.  This fund, a vision of Bonnie's father, Jim Schindler, benefits local adults with developmental disabilities by providing finan
cial support for a week-long summer camp experience at Camp Shipshewana in Indiana.  Additionally, the fund provides for holiday and birthday gifts for these individuals.

The Summer Camp Endowment Fund is managed by the Deepwood Foundation, located in Mentor, Ohio.

Pictured above (on the right) is Erin's husband, Jayson Fabian, with one of the Brittany Residential residents canoeing at Camp Shipshewana.