Hi, My name is Kelly Luckstead.  I teach 5th & 6th grade Special Ed. 

Family:  I live with my husband in Monticello.  I have two grown children, Kenneth works for Maschoff's and  will be getting married in April and Kristin goes to school at Palmer Chiropractic School in Davenport.

Education:  I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 1984 with a BA in Elementary Education.  I received my Special Ed. endorsement in 2003.

Hobbies:  In my free time I like to walk, swim, and spend time with family and friends.

If you are looking for homework, check the 5th or 6th grade websites of the teacher who assigned the homework. 
5th grade=  Mrs. Adams teaches Reading and Science
                   Mrs. Steger teaches Math and Social Studies
                   Mrs. Wennekamp teaches Language and Writing Tech

6th grade= Mrs. Smith teaches Reading and Social Studies
                  Mrs. Ries teaches Language and Communications
                  Mr. Lambert teaches Math
                  Mrs. Wallerich teaches Science and 5th/6th grade ELP