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Alice in Wonderland

Character Analysis

The first time we meet the White Rabbit in the book was when he ran down the rabbit hole. He is always worrying about the time. He runs through the long hall way. He orders If I Alice to be his maid. The white rabbit is always very anxious and worried about what time it is. But that was before he made it to the Queen. He’s probably worried about what the queen would do because he was late. “ Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting.”(pg 14) He also said, "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"(pg 11)

I am very late and the Queen will be furious because of it. If I don’t get to the queen in time she will behead me for sure. I am running out of time, I need to get to the queen as soon as possible. He is always up and about, and he is not able to sit still. He always anxious and nervous about the time. He is always running around and he doesn’t seem to stay in one place for a great amount of time.

His fur color is white, he has pink eyes, long feet, and he wears a suit. He wears white gloves with the suit. He also carries around a huge watch to see the time and panic about it. Also in one instance he was holding a trumpet in the courtroom. The White Rabbit lead Alice down the rabbit hole. The White Rabbit was also the court jester to the king and queen.

    1. Setting Analysis  

The setting that was first realized in the book was Alice falling through that rabbit hole into Wonderland(pg 13), After she fell into Wonderland she landed in the room with the drink and the piece of food that made her grow and shrink. The pool of tears she cried. The rabbit’s house. The mushroom where she met the worm, the Dutch’s house, and the march Hare’s house. The queen’s castle which had the queen’s garden, the croque grounds, and the courtroom.

The fall into Wonderland took a great amount of time.The frog standing in one spot for days. Every second of every day is tea time. The rabbit always being late. The day in Wonderland is two days off of our reality.  

  1. social/psychological setting:
Alice being trapped in the room when she first entered Wonderland. Being trapped in the white rabbit’s house, eating the food that said eat me, drinking the drink that said drink me, the pool of tears, and the sea of green leafs.(top of the trees)

      1. Point of View Analysis

In the very beginning of the book the narrator seems like he knows everything about Alice. He is almost like God. He knows what’s happening, he knows what Alice is thinking, he knows how she feels. First paragraph in the book, Alice swallowing her anger.`

  1. Theme Analysis  

Everything is either fake or real. There is no in between. It’s either here and can actually happen or we can see it happening, or the thing that someone thinks about doesn’t exist at all. An example like this is something that’s impossible or some thing that usually won’t happen can only thought about or dreamt about and it can not be made real or at the moment it is not real at all.

Just about the whole entire story was a dream that Alice dreamt. Most of it was not  real. She created a world in her mind that would never happen in reality. She thought about things that wouldn’t be real and about things that don’t even exist. Examples of this is like Alice shrinking, crying a pool of tears, talking animals, cards that talk, and walk, falling down in the earth for a very long period of time, a disappearing cat a worm that smokes and talks, and many other things like that. But there were some things in the book that are in our reality, like worms transforming into butterflies, or people growing.  

  1. Poetry Analysis

How Doth The Little Crocodile

By: Lewis Carroll

How doth the little crocodile

Improve his shining tail,

And pour the waters of the Nile

On every golden scale!

How cheerfully he seems to grin,

How neatly spread his claws,

And welcome little fishes in

With gently smiling jaws!

The poem in my opinion was put there to show how Alice was not being her normal self. The other normal Alice that was in the real world knew the poem correctly, but the Alice in her dream said the whole entire poem wrong. This showed that the Alice in the dream and the Alice in the real world were different. It does and doesn’t make sense. The part that makes sense is that everything that was said in the poem practically described what a crocodile does. The thing that doesn’t make sense was its purpose in the book.

  1. Movie Analysis

 Both movies had the same main characters like Alice, the Mad Hatter, the march Hare,  and the dormouse. They also had
the Queen, the Cheshire cat, the cards, the worm, the white rabbit and tweedle dee, and tweedle dumb.  But Tim Burton’s version of the movie had new and even more characters like the White Queen, and the jabbawalkee. Alice played croquet with the queen,

But the difference between both movies was that in the cartoon version Alice didn’t have to fight the jabbawalkee, Alice was not getting married, Alice didn’t meet the White Queen, she didn’t have to fight anyone, or find anything. The difference between both movies was that in the Tim Burton movie she didn’t go through the woods and meet all of the flowers, Alice didn’t cry a pool of tears, and the movie didn’t have the Caucus race like the cartoon version.


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