"Our network of ten schools around the world will in some way play its part... 
as year‐on‐year we continue to meet to seek mutual understanding and the formation of a common mind. Long may our meetings continue!"
-- Dr. Ralph Townsend, Headmaster of Winchester College, 2010

                      2018 Nada - Winchester International Symposium

The 2018 Symposium will be held in Kobe, Japan at Nada High School from March 25-31, 2018 and will be on the topic of “Society and the Natural World."


What is the Symposium Challenge?

Every March/April one of the Symposium's ten participating schools hosts a group of senior students, teachers, and headmasters from schools around the world to participate in The International Symposium. 

The host school chooses a challenge of global importance for participants to research and discuss before and during the week-long event. 

Every week-long meeting includes guest speakers on the challenge topic. 

The students and faculty produce a final accord that represents the group's work and its key conclusions about the global issue. 

Previous International Symposia

2017 Symposium - Shiyan Cooperation High School
    Theme: The Future of the City

2016 Symposium - Colego Claustro Moderno, Bogotá
    Theme: Traditional Music

2015 Symposium - Karachi Grammar School, held at Winchester
    Theme: Public Understanding of Science

2014 Symposium - Johannes Kepler Grammar School, Prague
    Theme: Architecture

2013 Symposium - African Leadership Academy, Johannesburg
    Theme: Poverty

2012 Symposium - Raffles Institution, Singapore
    Theme: Leadership

2011 Symposium - Montgomery Bell Academy, USA
    Theme: Health Care

2010 Symposium - Winchester College, England
    Theme: Global Finance

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