"I believe we cannot overestimate the potential value of this international colloquy and the ensuing friendship and interaction that can develop in such an intimate but far reaching setting for discussion, debate, and understanding"
-- Mr. Brad Gioia, Headmaster of Montgomery Bell Academy, March 2011

2019 Garodia - Winchester International Symposium

The 2019 Symposium will be held in Mumbai, India at Garodia International Centre for Learning, Mumbai from March 18-23, 2019 and will be on the topic of “Culture and Values."


What is the Symposium Challenge?

Every March/April one of the Symposium's ten participating schools hosts a group of senior students, teachers, and headmasters from schools around the world to participate in The International Symposium. 

The host school chooses a challenge of global importance for participants to research and discuss before and during the week-long event. 

Every week-long meeting includes guest speakers on the challenge topic. 

The students and faculty produce a final accord that represents the group's work and its key conclusions about the global issue. 

Previous International Symposia

2018 Symposium - Nada High School, Kobe, Japan
    Theme: Society and the Natural World

2017 Symposium - Shiyan Cooperation High School
    Theme: The Future of the City

2016 Symposium - Colego Claustro Moderno, Bogotá
    Theme: Traditional Music

2015 Symposium - Karachi Grammar School, held at Winchester
    Theme: Public Understanding of Science

2014 Symposium - Johannes Kepler Grammar School, Prague
    Theme: Architecture

2013 Symposium - African Leadership Academy, Johannesburg
    Theme: Poverty

2012 Symposium - Raffles Institution, Singapore
    Theme: Leadership

2011 Symposium - Montgomery Bell Academy, USA
    Theme: Health Care

2010 Symposium - Winchester College, England
    Theme: Global Finance

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