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Middle Level


·    The mission of the Middle Level Program at the MN Valley Area Learning Center is to help students gain skills and knowledge that will change the course of their academic experiences and outcomes for the better.


  • An alternative program for students that are currently in 7th or 8th grade, who have not found success in a traditional school setting.
  • A positive environment that adapts itself to the individual needs of the students to maximize their chance of success.
  • An educational experience that provides close relationships with staff that may increase opportunity for learning and personal growth.
  • A program that provides curriculum built to meet state standards and fulfill needs of all learners.


  • Give learners the tools and skills necessary to find success within a mainstream setting.


  • The goal of the Middle Level Program is to transition students back to their home district to complete their high school career after gaining valuable tools, skills, and confidence.





1.      Respect yourself, others and the faculty.

2.      Come prepared and ready for work. 

3.      Honor all reasonable requests.

4.      Always do your best work.

5.      Keep the ALC a tobacco and chemical free environment.

6.      Abide by the dress code.

7.      Be a productive student -

·         We give non-violent consequences.

·         We encourage each other.

·         Everyone is responsible for his/her own mess and success.

·         Everyone is allowed to feel good about her/his own body, and to have a safe “bubble” of space.

·         We talk openly about feelings and problems.

·         We don’t hit or hurt ANYONE.

·         We don’t put each other down or call each other names.

·         No one is unfavorably compared to someone else.

·         Everyone is free to make mistakes (unless they are in danger of harming themselves or others).

·         No one is to trick, force, or trap another into unwanted sexual touching.

·         Big problems are never a “secret” to be swept under the rug.