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Credit Recovery Individual Learning Program

The Minnesota Valley Area Learning Center serves student needs in two different ways.  One way is in helping students who work during the day and cannot go to school on a full-time basis.  The other way is helping students who attend their home district high school but need to make up credits in order to graduate.  These students are called “dual enrolled” students. 

Dual Enrollment or Credit Recovery:  This program is offered to high school students who are referred by their local counselors because they have failed a course and need to complete the course in order to graduate.   Dual Enrolled Students are only allowed to earn 1-1/2 credits during the school year.

Individualized Learning Program:  This is designed to meet the needs of students ages 16 through 21 who work during the day and cannot go to school on a full-time basis; have relocated to the area; or have dropped out of school and wish to earn their high school diploma.   This program is also available to adults (over 22 years of age).   However, they must also enroll in the  Adult Basic Education Program and are required to take the CASAS test in order to be able to participate in this program.

  • Students who wish to enroll in this program will be required to schedule and attend an INTAKE meeting with staff.   At this meeting, students and their parents will learn about the program and how the program is designed to meet the specific needs of the students.
    • This may include attending some classes during the day at the MN Valley Area Learning Center located in Montevideo;
    • Or, visiting our Success Lab during day-time hours at the MN Valley Area Learning Center;
    • It might be attending night classes which are offered in Granite Falls and Montevideo.
  • Once a student has completed the registration materials, we will contact their previous school district to get a transcript to see what coursework they have completed and what credits are needed to obtain their high school diploma.
    • Students are required to earn 24 credits;
    • Students will earn a high school diploma through Montevideo School District.
  • Students who are enrolled in the program will be required to complete various pre-assessments to determine what skills they are lacking and need to work on, along with the credits needed to earn their high school diploma.   A specific learning plan and schedule will be put together for the student and teacher to follow during enrollment.
  • Students are required to attend the program a minimum of once a week, unless other arrangements have been made during the INTAKE meeting.   Students who miss 15 classes will be dropped from the program and will not be allowed to re-enroll in the program unless a contract has been signed between the student and the school.
  • Students will be able to earn up to 8 credits during the school year.   Please note that the number credits a student can earn depends on when they enroll in our program 

  Students 17 years of age or under (16 years old) who are enrolled as full-time students in the Independent Study program must follow all attendance policies.  Failure to attend the program and/or meet program requirements may result in truancy.  See Truancy Policies on page 6.



 The Credit Recovery/Individual Learning Program is located at two convenient sites.  It is located at 1313 E. Black Oak Avenue, Montevideo, Minnesota and at MN West Technical College (Room 304), 1593 11th Avenue, Granite Falls, Minnesota.  (Enter through door 8).

1593 11th Ave

1313 Black Oak Ave