Everyday is a new day!

Every student, whether in the regular education setting or the special education setting, deserves the best education possible. Special education teachers need to be thoughtful as they prepare and present educational programs for their students.

Our students face challenges each day, we often find ourselves reaching to find answers that will help our students. By thoughtfully implementing programs, students can be successful in ways that open new educational opportunities to them.

Henry Miller said, "One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things."

4th grade Schedule

8:14-8:30 Breakfast8:30-8:45-Spelling8:45-9:52 -Math/Reading9:54-11:00- Math/Reading11:02-11:26- Recess11:28-11:53 -Lunch11:55-12:47 -Art,Music, PE, Comp12:49-1:39-Soc/Sci1:42-2:27- Tech/Health2:30-3:14 - WIN

5th grade Schedule

8:14-8:45 Social8:47-9:52 -Math/Reading9:54-11:00- Math/Reading11:02-11:26- WIN/music11:28-11:53 -recess11:55-12:20 Lunch12:22-12:47 -WIN12:49-1:39-Art,Music, PE, Comp1:42-2:27- Science/English2:30-3:14 - English/Science

6th/7th grade Schedule

8:15:9:02 Period 19:05-9:50 -Period 29:53-10:38- Period 310:41-11:26- Period 411:28-11:53 - 5A11:55-12:20 - 5B12:22-12:47 -5C12:49-1:39-Period 61:42-2:27- Period 72:30-3:14 - Period 8