Mr. Steve Rohloff


Phone: 320-269-6431 ext. 2100

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8:15-9:02 Period 1 Social Studies

9:05-9:50 Period 2 Social Studies

9:53-10:38 Period 3 Social Studies

10:41-11:26 Period 4 Social Studies

11:28-11:53 Period 5A Homeroom

11:55-12:20 Period 5B WIN

12:22-12:47 Period 5C Lunch

12:49-1:39 Period 6 Reading

1:42-2:27 Period 7 TTB/Gym

2:30-3:14 Period 8 Band/Ch

Topics of study: Pre-Minnesota Native Americans MN Territory Early Setters(pioneers) State Information Setting up a business Early Minnesota GovernmentAdditional topics: Higher level thinking skills Problem solving situations Presentations