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Bernadette Bowman, Media Assistant Ramsey  and Sanford Elementary

Renaissance Home Connect: Keep track of student AR progress and identify titles that are AR. Use student Renaissance Place user name and password. (Click here for tips on using Home Connect)

                                            Student Resources
PebbleGo: our newest addition! An annual subscription that provides information for students on four subject areas: Animals, Earth and Space, Biographies, and Social Studies.
Kids InfoBits: Popular elementary school magazines as well as encyclopedias and newspapers written for kids, plus an image collection of photos, maps, and flags.

Kids Search: Popular elementary and middle school magazines as well as encyclopedias, newspapers, and dictionaries. Includes Primary Search, Middle Search Plus, and Science Reference Center databases

Searchasaurus: Popular elementary school magazines as well as encyclopedias and dictionaries written for kids, plus an image collection of photos, maps, and flags. Includes Primary Search and Middle Search Plus databases.

KidzSearch: Google's safe search engine for kids.

Montevideo Public Library: (Pioneerland Library System)

Storylineonline: Online streaming video program featuring actors reading children's books aloud. Each book includes activities

Great Websites for Kids:  A great safe place for kids to browse the internet. Only previously previewed/approved websites can be accessed sponsored by the American Library Association).

Bethany Roberts Website for Children's Authors Online: One of the most concise listings of children's books authors and their websites I have come across. A terrific place for children t go to find their favorite authors and what those authors' websites have to offer (listings of their books, activities, games, information on the authors themselves)

Read Kiddo Read: Internationally know author James Patterson's website for recommended children's books 

Literacy search tips...

Use YouTube for accessing the following (they are links to get you started)... Children's Stories, Nursery Rhymes, Children's Songs and more! 

Have you done a search for online children's stories? You will find thousands of "hits"!