Clinical Reasoning

Course Instructors: Jerry Paccione, Shwetha Iyer and Erin Goss

The Clinical Reasoning Course is 2 week elective for categorical internal medicine residents (required for PCSM) that will enable residents to understand how cognitive processes facilitate the generation and validation of diagnoses in clinical medicine, and how cognitive biases can promote diagnostic error. Through the curriculum, residents will be encouraged to reflect on their own diagnostic processes and those of their learners (interns and medical students).


The material is taught through an interactive case-based curriculum and also incorporates AMR, physical diagnosis rounds, and journal clubs in medical pedagogy and an introduction to clinical prediction rules.

 Please note that we have modified the AMR sheet for the purposes of this course. Please read the CR-AMR Guidelines to understand the unique aspects of this form and utilize the CR-AMRForm for all AMR cases during this course. 

Course Materials can be found below for each session:

Resident GM Calendar