Grading for Learning

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Montello School District Grading Principles 2016-2017 ‎(Copy)‎

Grading for Learning

To maximize career and college readiness for all students, we are committed to developing a learning environment and grading system that supports mastery learning while accurately measuring and communicating student-achievement. Our transition from traditional grading practices to standards-based grading practices has helped our staff in respect to how they assess and evaluate student performance in the classroom. "Grades should provide feedback to students, document their progress, and help teachers make decisions about what instruction a student needs next." (Wormeli 2006) Here are some examples of what teachers have done during the 2014-2015 school year to prepare for this transition:

2014-2015 School Year:

  • 40 plus MSD staff members attended the First Institute in Winneconne on Standards, Assessment, and Grading
  • 8 Staff members attended Standards-Based Assessment & Grading: Principles & Practicalities for Today's Classroom! By Rick Wormeli
  • Multiple Staff In-service days dedicated to Grading for Learning practices.
  • Individual meetings with teachers to discuss planning, assessment, and grading practices. 
  • Summer Curriculum Planning
The preparations for G4L were not completed in a single year.  Rather, preparations have been underway since before the Montello Idea identified standards based learning as a focus.  While pockets of excellence in G4L developed as our charter schools implemented their goals, as a district the following preparations occurred; 
  • A curriculum and achievement audit was conducted
  • Teachers received district -wide training specific to G4L beginning in January of 2014.
  • Timeline for implementation was identified in April of 2014.  This timeline included a year of practice prior to full implementation.
2015-2016 School Year:
  • 25 MSD staff members attended the Fond du Lac Institute for Better Learning 
  • High School Professional Learning Community Rotation on Grading for Learning
  • Grading for Learning Coach 
2016-2017 School Year:
  • Review of Montello School District Grading Principles 7/13/2016

Benefits of Standards-Based Learning:

  1. Consistent expectations across grade levels helping teachers and students focus on standards in their learning.
  2. Providing feedback to students in relation to each student's proficiency level, allowing teachers to better address specific needs.
  3. Provides parents with valuable information regarding how their child is progressing on each standard and proficiency scale. 

Twitter: Champlain Valley Union High School has a very nice twitter feed that talks about their transition from traditional grading to a standards-based learning environment. Click on the link below to learn more about a standards-based learning environment and the journey that one school has taken. 
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