Welcome to the Montello School District! It is a privilege to lead a wonderful group of educators and work with such an incredible community.  My professional title goes something like this, Dr. B. Lynn Brown, District Administrator for the Montello School District.  I'm "mom" to my four children, John, Steve, Jeffrey, and Elizabeth. My career began in business but I believe the privilege of shaping the next generation of educators and students is my most important work yet. I taught mathematics before entering administration in the Chicago Public Schools, and for 16 years worked with a great staff at Jacob Shapiro in Oshkosh.  That extended assignment introduced me to what reform and real progress looks like.  I brought that expertise and optimism to Montello in August of 2013.

My goal is for us to be extraordinary in Montello.  We refuse to be constrained by our past, to be limited by labels, resources, and expectation in the present. Every day we hear bravado and promises, especially in education. In the Montello School District we are acting with purpose and focus.  Our goal is to teach students how to think for themselves, to make informed decisions so they can determine their own life path, and in turn serve those who follow them.

Montello is an amazing place with a rich heritage. Please feel free to contact me as we work together to build on the traditions of the Montello community and shape the workforce of tomorrow.


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