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Curriculum guides shall be provided, as necessary, for the various subject areas.  These guides shall present at least a minimal outline for instruction and a basis for further development of the particular course.

The guides shall be designed to assist all users in strengthening and in clarifying their philosophy regarding the teaching of a subject, and will, when possible, suggest a variety of possibilities for instruction, patterns of individualization, variations of approaches, and materials.

A.        Courses of study shall establish the basis for curriculum and instruction and shall define the key components of a District’s curriculum.

1.         A course of study shall be adopted for each subject taught.  Each course of study shall:

a.         Comply with the provisions of O.R.C. §3313.60;

b.         Align with the District vision, mission, philosophy, educational goals and strategic plan;

c.         Specify learning and performance expectations;

d.         Establish a scope and sequence of knowledge and skills to be learned;

e.         Provide a way to assess student progress and the need for intervention.

f.          Address the various developmental needs of early childhood, middle childhood and adolescent through young adult students.

g.         Use technological tools and emphasize inter-disciplinary, real-world, project-based, and technology-oriented learning experiences.

h.         Be guided by Ohio’s state-adopted academic content standards.

i.          For career and technical courses, be guided by state-approved career and technical core standards and performance measures.

2.         Courses of study shall provide for the following topics to be a part of the curriculum as required by Ohio law.

3.         Courses of study shall be reviewed and updated as needed


B.        The principal, department heads, and director of instruction shall see that classroom instruction adheres to the courses of study.

C.        The Superintendent shall maintain a copy of all courses of study offered by this District.

Upon the request of any parent or legal guardian of a student, the parent or guardian shall be permitted to promptly examine, with respect to the parent’s or guardian’s own child:

A.        Any survey or questionnaire, prior to its administration to the child;

B.        Any textbook, workbook, software, video, or other instructional materials being used in connection with the instruction of the child;

C.        Any completed and graded test taken or survey or questionnaire filled out by the child;

D.        Copies of the statewide academic standards and each model curriculum developed by the State Board of Education, which shall be available at all times during school hours in each school building.



O.R.C. §3313.60

O.A.C. §3301-35-04

Adopted:  November 22, 2011