FAQ for New Parents

You've made it through the first den meeting and are probably on information overload. And then there's the lingo! How do these people think up this stuff?

Here's a few terms that you might already know (see, you're catching on) or have been wondering about (you'll figure it out in no time). 

Class A/B - these are categories of Cub Scout Uniforms. We encourage all scouts to wear a uniform to scout events. Class A is the formal blue shirt and neckerchief of your year. This is purchased at a scout shop. It can be worn with the hat, belt, pants, socks but most Pack 54 kids concentrate on the shirt. Class B is typically a Cub Scout tshirt. 

Cuboree - a camping opportunity for the whole family. We go as a pack and camp with other packs in our district. There will be several hundred cubs, siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. from all over North Cincy who attend. 

Council - we're in the Dan Beard Council which is roughly the Cincinnati area. 

Cubmaster - the cub master is the person responsible for making sure all these den meetings happen. He also leads the pack meetings. He'll send you a LOT of emails. Our cub master is Rick Guba (rick.guba@monroecubscouts.net)

District - Dan Beard is divided into smaller areas. Our district, Hopewell, includes Monroe, Middletown, Lebanon, Mason. 

Den - Group of boys in the same grade. Each den has it's own number, den leader, assistant den leader and conducts its own meetings. 

Den Leader - that crazy adult who tries to wrangle the den. Chances are they need a hand. You should offer. 

Pack - all the dens of the Monroe Cub Scouts. We're Pack 54. 

Scout Shop - source for all things scout and lots of information. Closest two locations: 10078 Reading Road, 10078 Reading Road, Evendale, OH 45241 and 7285 Poe Avenue, Dayton, OH 45414