Finding Your Assignments Online
Did you know that you can find most student worksheets online? Anything from the literature textbook can be found at If it isn't in the lit book, you can usually find the assignment right here, by clicking on 7th Grade Humanities Assignments. You can print from these places, and no one will ever have to know that your cat spit up a hairball on your homework.

Welcome Back!

August 26, 2013
I am looking over my class lists and feeling giddy.  I just can't wait to start the learning process with all of these wonderful young people!  You have found my website (congratulations!) This is a good place to be updated on what is happening in the classroom.  You can find my class calendar here as well as links to big assignments and some other information.  I post more detailed information on my Edmodo website, and students will be receiving logins to that website soon. I know you will all be successful this year, and I look forward to getting to know you!  

Happy learning,

Ms. Valluzzi

Click here to see our class Calendar!