District Approved Apps & Websites for 2017-18

What if the website, app, or extension I want to use with students isn't listed on the 2017-18 Approved Website list?

MSD staff can make new requests beginning May 1 of every year by going to the Approved List Website link on the internal Digital Learning Website.

 Step One:  Requesting Additions to the List

  1. Beginning on May 1st, submit the request for the specific site (including the URL) through the Request a Website link.
  2. In the online form, complete all fields requesting information.

Step Two:  Receive Notification of Compliance from Digital Learning

Members of the Digital Learning team, along with other departments, will vet the site for federal and state law compliance on student privacy and safety along with public record mandates.  The outcome of the request will be published each year in mid to late August on the district Digital Learning site.

REMEMBER:  The request for approval of these sites only applies to sites that require a student login, tracks identifiable data to the student, or contains staff created documents or communications  that  are required to be archived by state law.

Will I have to have the app/site approved every school year?

No.  However, staff are required to review the list every year to ensure that the sites that they choose to use are still under the approved status. At times, websites may change their "terms of use" agreements and their privacy policies rendering them out of compliance. Parents will be required to give consent annually for their student to access these educational sites, access to district email and network use. 

Please note, MPS reserves the right to add, remove or revise the Approved Sites list at their discretion. The approved list must be checked by teachers every year, as vendor website privacy and data collection polices can change over time.