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Parental Consent

Parents make the decision on whether or not their child has access to online resources provided by Monroe School District.  They make their decision known by updating their information in  Family Access or by returning the Online Digital Resources Parent Notification & Permission Form to the school's main office.  Consent is obtained on an annual basis.  Without consent, students will not have access to the District's digital resources and students must be given an alternative, equivalent assignment or assessment that does not require the use of digital resources.  

What happens if a parent does not provide consent?

Without parental consent, student accounts will be disabled after the last school day in September and cannot be reactivated until parental consent has been granted.  After this date, students will not have access to:
  • Active Directory -  Students will not be able to login on any Windows computer or access shared network drives
  • Google Apps - Students will not be able to access their Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, or other services provided by the Google account
  • Online Curriculum - Students will not be able to access MPS sponsored online assessments, digital textbooks, or other digital resources
  • Online Educational Websites - Students will not be allowed to use resources on the Online Educational Websites & Online Apps list using District credentials 

How can I help my school gather consent from parents?

  • Phone calls - reaching out to parents via a phone call to let them know how you're using digital tools and to answer their questions is a great way of reminding them to complete the form or login to Family Access
  • Email - once you've called your families, you can follow-up the call with the directions for submitting the form in Family Access or by sending them a digital copy of the form to printout
  • Website - Ask your principal to put a reminder on your school's website
  • Paper - send copies of the forms home with your students (those that haven't returned the form) and ask them to return it for extra credit 

Why must I gain parental consent before using Online Digital Resources that collect student information?

On July 1, 2016 the Washington State Legislature required that all schools comply with the requirements of the SUPER Act in addition to the Federal requirements contained in CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA.  These requirements state that we must provide parents an opportunity to make a decision on how their child accesses digital resources.

How is the District collecting parental consent?

When using digital and/or online resources with students it is a requirement that the District and teachers first gain parental consent to use those resources.  Annually, parents are asked to provide that consent by completing the Online Digital Resources Parent Notification & Permission Form.  Parents have two options for granting consent.  They may choose to return the paper form (English | Español)  to the school or they may choose to grant consent via Skyward Family Access (English | Español).  Teachers can check to see if the form or consent has been granted by checking the student indicators in EA+.  The District uses many forms of communication to notify parents and gain consent, including:
  • District Website - updates on the main page 
  • Social Media - posts to the District website, social media (Facebook & Twitter), and through email notifications.  

What online resources are included when parents grant consent?

Monroe Public Schools' online digital resources for the 2016-17 school year include:
  • Active Directory: Each student is given an account in Active Directory that they will use to logon to any district-owned computer within the district network and provide them with access to networked educational resources that support their learning programs.
  • MPS Google Apps for Education Environment: This education-focused Google Apps environment is hosted by Google, and managed by MPS. This collection of online applications provides students with a Google email account, calendar, and access to Google drive, where students can create, share, and publish documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other artifacts of their learning.  MPS creates and manages user accounts; manages access to applications and email based on grade level organizations; and manages permissions.  
  • Online Curriculum Systems: Most of the curriculum adopted in the District is accompanied by or relies on access to an online system where content and assessments are stored.  For approved district curriculum, MPS creates and manages these accounts. In these cases, the terms of use and privacy policies are reviewed thoroughly before providing any student account data to the vendor.
  • Online Educational Websites, Apps, & Extensions: Many teachers use additional websites, apps, & extensions that require a student login to record personally identifiable performance and/or progress data. For these types of sites, teachers submit the request to the Digital Learning team for review to insure that the 3rd-party provider complies with SUPER, FERPA, and CIPA regulations.  If the resource meets requirements the website, app, or extension is added to the following years' Approved Sites List.  For the list of currently approved Websites, Apps & Extensions, please visit:  MSD Approved Apps site.

What happens if a parent does not grant access to online digital resources?

Access to online/digital resources are withheld from the student until the form or permission has been granted.  In the interim, teachers must provide equivalent non-digital assignments and materials to the student until permission has been granted.