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Protecting Students' Privacy & the SUPER Act

posted Sep 6, 2016, 3:58 PM by   [ updated May 12, 2017, 12:45 PM ]

Protecting Students' Privacy

We are excited about the growing body of free and low-cost apps that our teachers are using to support student learning. We believe in technology as a positive and enabling force for student engagement and student outcomes, and we encourage the creative use of technology to support student learning.

We also have a responsibility to protect our students’ data. Student data refers to any information about the individual student such as full name, SSID number, personal demographic information, academic information or health information. Any staff member within a school district must take every reasonable action to ensure the safety and security of student information as referenced in the state and federal laws of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), FERPA (Family Educational Rights Privacy Act) and the SUPER (Student User Privacy in Education Rights) Act.

We have created and will continue to build tools to help you, as the teacher, protect student data. One of these tools is the MPS Approved Sites spreadsheet. As referenced back in the spring of 2016, only websites that require a student to create an account or use a login must be vetted for compliance with the laws mentioned above. The MPS Approved Sites spreadsheet is designed to let you know which sites (that require a login) can be used by students who have received parent permission to access the supplemental educational sites as well as have district network use. If a class will be using a site that requires a student login, the teacher must check their list of students who have permission for digital access to networked resources and sites. These lists will be provided in Skyward. If a student has not received permission for network access or for the supplemental educational sites, an alternative experience to receive the same information must be provided to the individual student.

We encourage the use of MPS centrally-supported and approved software tools to ensure that our student data is appropriately protected. Centrally supported and approved tools are those for which we have either negotiated terms of service to ensure, among other things, the appropriate protections for privacy of our students’ data or that the site states and complies with FERPA and COPPA.

For a list of approved MPS sites, please visit:

MPS Approved Sites 2016-17

We realize that the educational software market is evolving rapidly. We also recognize that teachers want to creatively use additional technology tools in support of student engagement and student outcomes, and we support these efforts.  Read more about Student Privacy and how to request apps at our site.